Kuching Day 8: Chinese New Year Day 1

Happy Chinese New Year! Apparently this year it’s the Water Dragon year, we’re sure feeling the water part because it’s been pouring in Kuching! Then again, I don’t remember a Chinese New Year in Kuching without pouring rain.


All the showers meant that fireworks on Chinese New Year’s eve was a lacklustre affair. In fact, we still haven’t put off our firecrackers yet. Might have to wait till the wedding day. Still, the location of our house means we still get a fantastic 360 degrees view of all the fireworks in the neigbourhood.

road side burger

Our reunion dinner was a bit lacking this year. So we made do with road side burger for supper! One of the highlights of this holiday has been spending a lot of time with my brother and a lot of activities involved him bringing us out for makan haha.
dar and mama

Obviously my brother is my model in Kuching while Jo is my model in Perth. This is a picture of my brother and my mah mah, I managed to catch her mid laughter, she is very happy and loves Chinese New Year.

sua mee

Breakfast on the first day of Chinese New Year is always sua mee (long life noodles) with chicken abalone soup. My mum’s chicken soup has really fragrant chinese red wine in it, very nice.

Lunch at my grandmother’s was pot luck so my mum’s contribution was her signature dish fried sharksfin omelette. Others have tried to recreate this dish including myself but no one has come close to my mum’s version. I look forward to this every Chinese New Year!
Her second dish was mixed vegetables with a hint of luxury, sliced abalone from Australia hahaha.

kueh lapis

To tell the truth, I don’t really enjoy the snack food during Chinese New Year, they usually consists of kueh lapis and more kueh lapis. But when I’m back in Perth I miss kueh lapis? Very odd.
darren massage

This is my brother getting the royal treatment from Jo and our little cousin Janice. For some reason Janice has taken a liking to Darren and was giving him a massage. My brother was quite embarrassed hahaha.

dar and gg

My brother and my gung gung. Gung Gung is very frail now and doesn’t really know what’s going on, but I think he knew that we were taking a picture of him so he gave a little smile.
dar and ah pa

My brother and my ah pa! My dad was trying to teach my brother how to smile naturally and they both ended up laughing.

2 Responses to “Kuching Day 8: Chinese New Year Day 1”

  1. 1 slappedbygunk January 23, 2012 at 9:26 pm

    Haha I sniggered when I read the “Others have tried to recreate this dish” about Ah Ma’s sharksfin omelette hehehe.

    That last photo of Ah Pa and Dar is really nice!

    Janice likes Dar meh? Last year she didn’t! Haha.

    All the food looks so good, especially the sua mee with Australian abalone (haha) and sharksfin. Not so much the cakes though, they look horrid hahahahaha.

  2. 2 daitaoha January 23, 2012 at 11:54 pm

    i knew you would get the others try to recreate this dish comment haha.

    Janice didn’t like Darren at first because he kept teasing her. She kept menjeling him. But then for some reason afterwards she loved him and insisted on sitting in his lap while watching tv. She’s very funny.

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