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Kuching Day 4 Jing Fook Lin popiah + Day 5 Hock Hai paos & CNY flower shopping

It’s almost the end of Day 5 in Kuching! 3 days to Chinese New Year….

pandan ice

This is the pandan icecream from Sunny Hill that we had for supper yesterday. It was even better straight out from the freezer than having it at the stall itself. I’m not sure why, maybe it’s the extra icy texture?


I really love the flavour of pandan and try to incorporate it into as many desserts as possible in Perth. So when my mother offered me this pandan flavoured ming jiang kueh (a sort of crepe with peanut filling), I tried it immediately, it was nice but I’m not really a ming chiang kueh fan.

jin fook

This is the Jin Fook Ling cafe which sells the best popiah in town.

chai kueh
They also sell chai kueh too.


But of course it was really the popiah that we were after. Their deep fried version is very yummy too, but I love normal popiah on its own. This was really sooo good  and really made my day. Day 4 was specially good because of the popiah.

siu mai

Ok, we’re now on to Day 5. We went to Hock Hai bright and early for breakfast. This kopitiam has been around forever and is a Kuching institution famous for it’s dim sum and legendary paos (buns). We had a serve of the local siobi which is quite different from Hongkong style siewmai in terms of texture. It’s a lot stickier and stodgier, some people don’t like it much but it is popular in Kuching. My sister Jo likes the siobi here a lot.


My daily kopi with lots of paos! We had char siew bao, dua pao (big pao) and even tao sar bao. Can start singing the song ..char sio bao, ling yong bao..hahaha, this reminds me of my sister Jan a lot.
My brother demonstrating the size of a dua pao which is really very dua (big)!


What’s inside a dua pao? Juicy porkiness. We usually go to Xin Guang (another famous pao establishment in town) for their dua paos but I think Hock Hai paos are quite nice too.


But really the reason why the whole family went to Hock Hai wasn’t for the famous paos or sio bees, but for the kolo mee! My sister Jan told me that I should go to Hock Hai becaue the kolo mee is something special with this lovely mushroom flavour to it. And she was right!! There is this mushroomy aroma which I’ve never tried in other Kuching kolo mees, texture wise, my kolo mee was a little too bouncy (I suspect not cooked long enough) but that was only my bowl and everyone else enjoyed their kolo mee.


After breakfast we went Chinese New Year flower shopping with my father. This is an annual Chinese New Year ritual for the daitaoha family. The orchard that we visited was pretty big and had lots of pretty flowers and plants.

lucky bamboo

Lucky bamboo is getting popular in Australia and they had tons here.


This flower is called the hai tang hua.It’s very pretty and elegant.

pussy willow

The pussy willow were  gorgeous and almost unreal in their glowing pink coats. My sister tells me that they’ve dyed the buds in pink so that must explain the vivid colours. Very eye catching.


These were my favourite flowers in the orchard. They were just so round and cute. But we didn’t buy them 😦


Our flowers for the Dragon Year!


Lunch was the annual Mcdonald’s Prosperity Burger. My sister and brother both like this peppery burger which only comes out during the Chinese New Year season. To be honest, I don’t like it much, the sauce is way too peppery and overpowering for me. I think I would prefer a Filet-o-Fish anyday.


While we were walking around the shopping centers we came across these! Very cute lah.


We’ve been trying to teach my brother how to cook easy Chinese meals for the past two days. Today it was my mother’s turn and she taught him how to cook this tomato honey chicken dish. It’s very tasty, easy to cook  and great with rice.

ah pa

My ah pa playing on the organ as usual. I didn’t realise how lucky we were as kids to have live music being played around the house all the time as we were growing up. For the past few days in Kuching, guitar music wafts out from my brother’s room daily and my father frequently sits down on the organ and starts playing lovely nostalgic songs. We’re lucky to be surrounded by talented music men in our family 🙂 Btw, remember the cute little stars?


They were so cute we brought one home!

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