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Kuching Day 4: Kenyalang Market & Pohpiah @Noodle experts

One of the activities that I enjoy when I’m back in Kuching is accompanying my mother to the Kenyalang market.

The sights and sounds of the wet market are always interesting. There’s the rows of stalls selling their fare, ranging from chickens to fruits to clothes and all things possible. This stall sells Malaysian kuih muih, Malaysian desserts which can be sweet or savoury and are very yummy.

This is the floor level with all the food stalls, we used to come here a lot for supper when we were kids, this is our ‘Kenyalang Lao Deng’ meaning Kenyalang on top because it was on the upper level. I had many bowls of kolo mee here from this old aunty and uncle whom my father tells me have since retired :(.

mani chai

My mum bought my favourite local vegetable¬† ‘mani chai’ from this vegetable stall. I love this local veg and it’s my must-have when I’m back in Kuching. I believe you can only find it here in Kuching.

noodle expert

After the short shopping stint, I had breakfast with my parents at the Noodle Experts also located in Kenyalang, it was my first time in this refurbished and relocated cafe which has been around in Kenyalang since forever. My mum tells me that she used to buy this kolo mee takeaway for me for my breaktast/morning tea at school, but I don’t remember it at all!

kueh muih

I wasn’t ready for heavy eating so early in the morning, so had some gu chai kueh, which is a steamed dumpling (not eaten hot) with chives filling. You can also opt for dumplings with other vegetable fillings, my favourite being mang guang, otherwise known as radish. The dumpling skin is thin, chewy and lovely matched with the crunch of chives/radish, it’s easy to eat many of these at one go.

poh piah

My other ultimate must-eat food in Kuching is popiah, fresh spring rolls with mixed fillings of meat, beancurd, radish, nuts etc. Every popiah is different. I wasn’t expecting much of the popiah from Noodle Experts as our favourite popiah hails from Jin Fook Ling cafe (the king of popias) but this one was quite nice. Or it could be that I’ve been popiah deprived for too long haha.

poh pian2

This popiah had carrots, radish, spring onion and not much else, it was pretty good, I love the thinness of popiah skin, can I ever learn how to make this?!


Can’t have breakfast without my usual cup of kopi! I have to admit, I am not missing Australian flat whites, lattes or cappucinos. They taste so different from kopi and I really shouldn’t compare them at all. But I could get used to a daily dose of sweet kopi.

I had a nice afternoon  doggy session with our beautiful Goldie. She is still the friendliest, sweetest dog ever.


I roasted a chicken for dinner. I’m not sure it was a very good idea because Malaysian weather is not suitable for roasting, it was hot in the kitchen. Then again, Perth is probably sweating buckets right now, I should probably stick to roasting only in winter. In Malaysia, I shall stick to stir fries and iced desserts. Speaking of desserts, I know what I’ll be having for supper tonight, a bucket of pandan ice cream from Sunny Hill, gosh, it’s good to be home :).

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