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Kuching Day 1: kaya toast, Aladin chicken rice + durians!

It took us a long time to get to Kuching but we’ve finally arrived! We had one of those long wait in transit flights which ended up with us wandering aimlessly around the empty Changi Airport Terminal 2 in the wee hours of the morning. Nothing was open safe for Mcdonalds, so it became a temporary camping site for the early travellers.


Not willing to settle for just Maccas, we were delighted when ToastBox lighted up. It was such a cute looking stall too.


HC’s brekkie of kaya butter toast. Try to ignore the thick slab of butter in the middle which was sinful but yet good.

otah toast

Jo opted for the Otah Toast which I found a bit too overpowering for me in terms of taste, she said it tasted more like tomyum toast. We were not used to Singaporean prices, $1 -2(Sing dollars) for breakfast, surely that’s unknown in Perth.


I was feeling a bit ill then (airplanes do that to me) but was much better by the time we were inside the departure lounge for Terminal 1. So it was my turn for the breakfast of champions, Yakun soft boiled eggs, kaya toast and kopi. I enjoyed my eggs and coffee, but the kaya toast wasn’t toasted long enough to gain that lovely crispy yet soft texture. I think I prefer Killiney kaya toast more. Still, it was lovely to have a really Singaporean/Malaysian style breakfast.

angry birds

Many hours of waiting in the airport meant many hours of shopping and spending at duty free shops! There was an angry bird promotion in the airport, and we spent enough to get three angry birds! What are we going to do with them?! The blue one is kinda cute though.


But we finally left Changi Airport (still my favourite airport in the whole world) and arrived in Kuching. It was so heartwarming to see the familiar sight of my dad eating his soft cone icecream outside the arrival hall. He had his usual soft cone even though he was nursing a cough!

My little brother wasn’t there to pick us up because he had friends in town and was their designated tour guide for the day. But he tried to make up for it by having takeaway kolo mee from Bishop’s Gate waiting for us at home. Ok lah, forgiven. Bishop’s Gate is a famous cafe in Carpenter Street (one of the oldest streets in Kuching) well known for their kolo noodles. It’s an acquired taste because there’s vinegar in the noodles, ours being a takeaway was stiff in shape and rather dry. I’ve never been a big fan of Bishop’s Gate noodles but nevertheless it was still our first taste of kolo mee and I enjoyed it .

aladin cafe

After a rest in the afternoon, it was time for dinner. As you can tell, in our family, it’s just eat eat eat non-stop. For dinner we settled for Aladin Cafe, also located on Carpenter Street and famous for it’s fried chicken rice.

Can’t have good chicken rice without perfect rice. This rice wasn’t as great as the kind you get in Singapore, but fragrance and taste wise, it packed a lot of good flavour. I think Singapore chicken rice is perhaps smoother, oilier.

The steamed chicken rice was rich in sesame oil flavours and was tender. Again, different from Singapore and not not tasty, but somehow I still prefer the Singaporean version.

But really, Aladin cafe’s claim to fame is  their fried chicken. I can understand why people  go through stacks of these, they come out freshly fried, piping hot and juicy, salty and not too greasy. Sometimes you just need fried chicken.


Wash it down with an icy cold teh c special, and it’s another fantastic Kuching meal.


But that was not all! Our dessert of the day was durians! I haven’t had durian for almost a year now and you know you’re really home in Malaysia when you’re sitting on the floor with your family, with opened durians and empty durian shells on newspapers laid on the ground, feasting on the king of fruits and drinking salt water to ‘cool down’ your bodies afterwards.

A fantastic first day and more to come !


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