3rd Day Ubud @ Bali

I’m sure everyone has forgotten about my Bali trip, it does feel a long time ago and as usual I lapsed on blogging about it after the 2nd day post 😦 .. but the cute couple are flying to Bali next week, so I thought I would get them excited about it by blogging about my favourite day and place in Bali, Ubud.
For the third day in Bali, we hired a private driver to bring us up from Kuta to Ubud. I was glad to leave the touters, pollution and noise to head for Ubud which promised to show us the spiritual and cultural side of Bali. On the way, we stopped by a lot of tourist attractions, the first being a silver factory. Bali is famous for it’s silver.


Pasar Seri Sukawati a.k.a. Sukawati Arts market was a requested stop of mine. It sold lots of cheap goods including clothing, jewelery, souvenirs. This was where I first learned to haggle and bargain with the shop owners.


Next stop, somewhere by the waterfall?


Actually we were visiting the Gunung Kawi Temple, a sacred temple in Bali about 15 minutes drive from Ubud. There are lots of beautiful temples in Bali, but one should abide by the cultural norms when visiting including wearing a sash tied around the waist and a sarong. Don’t get conned by the touters out front who will try to sell you pretty sarongs for a hefty price, you can ‘rent’ a sarong and sash at the entrance of the temple for a small donation.


Temple carved out from rock. The lush settings of the temple are gorgeous and green. It felt very peaceful and tranquil.

Monuments carved out of stone were quite a sight.

Women praying outside the temple. For some reason they didn’t enter inside the temple to pray. I sat by the corner and watched them, feeling like I was intruding on a very personal and respectful tradition.


After the temple, we visited a coffee plantation in Bali. Yeah, my favourite coffee! I was surprised how lovely and pretty the coffee plantation was.

The one and only famous luwak coffee 🙂


This was where I had my first taste of luwak coffee, it was very nice, but then again, the flat whites in Perth aren’t too bad either. We also tried the other coffee beans available in Bali, ended up buying some ginseng coffee which actually tasted really good.


It was peaceful and relaxing sipping coffee on top of the coffee hills.


Zipping off to the next destination, Gunung Batur which is an active volcano in Bali. We had lunch at a restaurant offering spectacular views of the mountain and it’s surroundings (but the food was only so-so).


Tegallalang rice terraces. I’d seen lots of pictures of these rice terraces in blog posts and tourist magazines and was expecting fields of gorgeous rice paddies. But the rice paddies had already been harvested… so there wasn’t much to look at.


After a long day of sightseeing, I was glad when we finally reached Saren Indah, our hotel for the rest of the trip.


It was a lovely hotel too with great service and obliging staff. The walk back to the hotel room at night was very nice.

soto ayam

It was a long and eventful day, we wanted a simple and easy dinner. The hotel’s van dropped us off in town where we walked around searching for good local food. In the end we settled on Wadarni’s Warung  which turned out to be a good choice. The soto ayam while not as flavourful as the street version we had in Kuta was still very tasty.


Satay with rice was yummy.

kuih dadar

Kuih dadar for dessert was really nice and filled with gula melaka laden dessicated coconut.


Pulut Hitam/Black glutinous rice pudding was sweet and comforting. Sigh, I miss this. And so, the 3rd day of Bali in quaint Ubud ended up on a sweet note.


4 Responses to “3rd Day Ubud @ Bali”

  1. 1 Wendy October 23, 2011 at 12:52 pm

    Yeah! It’s my turn to see the real Bali!
    Yeah yeah, here we come! 😀

  2. 2 slappedbygunk October 24, 2011 at 9:47 am

    Aiyoh kopi luwak! I want to try, I was asking people if they could buy me some at one point, didn’t think of asking you to buy for me from Bali, sayang.

  3. 3 Jas October 30, 2011 at 12:01 pm

    That actually looked and sounded really fun! Didn’t expect to see places like that in Bali. That could be a ‘to go to’ on my holiday list in the future!

    Gotta catch up with u guys soon!

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