Weekend feasting: Dizzy Witch & Ying Thai

This weekend I didn’t have just one but two foodie adventures. Somehow weekends have evolved into ‘trying out new places’ with my makan gang. I already have a breakfast place scouted for next Saturday, anyone up for it?
dizzy witch

This Saturday it was the Dizzy Witch cafe which I’ve passed by many times(en route to Phi Yen) and always wanted to try because of their cute name. The cafe itself is spacious and comfy, definitely a good place to have coffee or breakfast with a bunch of friends.

Weekend coffees always taste especially good probably because I’ve given up on my daily work coffees. I’m also partial to coffees made from Five Senses coffee beans and nice latte art, so this one went down well.
fetta cheese

My breakfast was a fetta cheese and spinach muffin, nothing to shout about but it satisfied my craving for a spinach something.

The Warlock’s Last Meal ($18.50) is actually the Dizzy Witch’s version of the big breakfast, came with the usual condiments of bacon, eggs, sausages, mushrooms etc. I didn’t try this but had a bite of the potato rosti which was pretty good.

Half serve of the Griselda’s Egg Benedict ($12), I know Jo enjoyed this dish.


Dizzy witch’s signature dish, Moroccan eggs ($15) which was fried eggs with home-made dukkah and hommus, mint, red onion and tomato relish on Turkish bread. I think Jason said this was pretty good but he has had better hommus elsewhere. I had a bite and found it refreshing (must be the mint) with a distinct spice (cumin?) flavour to it.


Sometimes you just need a pie … and best if it’s a hot piping lamb curry pie. This was yummy and comfort food. Overall, the Dizzy Witch cafe was alright, the food wasn’t outstanding but  it was standard breakfast fare with pretty good coffee and a nice relaxing atmosphere.

The Dizzy Witch cafe
197 – 199 Brisbane St
Northbridge Perth, Western Australia, 6000

With all the new restaurants and cafes popping up around the Victoria Park Albany Highway cafe strip, Ying Thai is a bit of blink and miss. Having spotted it quite a few months ago, I’ve been meaning to try this Thai restaurant for quite a while

pad thai

The restaurant space is tiny, fitting maybe around 10 or less little tables. The lunch menu featured usual favourites such as green curry, red curry, pad thai etc. Almost all the guys ordered Pad Thai ($9.80) and found it alright. It wasn’t the best Pad Thai I’ve had, but all the guys agreed that it was tasty.

HC and I had the Kao-Mon Gai-Tod which is crumbed fried chicken with coconut rice and sweet chilli sauce ($10.80). I enjoyed this dish and found it really tasty, I mean how can you go wrong with fried chicken AND coconut rice, surely one of the most fattening combinations of all time?  The coconut rice was fragrant and lovely, going well with the sweet chilli sauce and crispy salty chicken. I would order this again.

tom yum

Jo had the Kway Teow Tom Yum Seafood ($11.80) which I thought was quite nice but she says she prefers Toto’s Tom Yum which I agree is more flavorful . I personally think Ying Thai is a great addition to the Victoria Park cafe strip, there aren’t enough little Thai restaurants around offering affordable individual meals. Their ala carte menu looks extensive and pretty good too with main dishes hovering around the $14 – 17 price range. I will definitely return.

Ying Thai
Shop 3/895 Albany Highway
East Victoria Park


It wasn’t all eating out during the weekend. I also cooked a big pot of mei chai kou rou which was more mei chai than belly pork. I thought about buying a pressure cooker which would save so much time on braising these harder cuts of meat but then there’s the satisfaction of biting into the oh-so-tender texture of belly pork that can only come from hours of braising. Perhaps a pressure cooker would yield the same flavours and texture? I’m not sure. Ah Ma?

mei chai

The lunch bento the next day was soo comforting and good.


Tomorrow’s very traditional Chinese cooking bento of minced pork and mushroom in bean paste and stir-fried bittergourd with eggs. I never knew I would like bittergourd but now I’m a convert, I’m looking forward to it to lunch tomorrow(^___^).

6 Responses to “Weekend feasting: Dizzy Witch & Ying Thai”

  1. 1 slappedbygunk March 14, 2011 at 10:01 pm

    I like bittergourd too! Next time I move to Perth can I have dinner round yours every night? =D

  2. 3 mum March 15, 2011 at 5:52 am

    i had bittergourd last night and i just saw julie cutting up the other half . it’s just fried with ikan bilis.

  3. 5 jo March 15, 2011 at 9:20 am

    Yucks!I hate bittergourd!each time we have vege,it will be longbeans wth eggs.mmm..or brocolli wth carrots or something.I like mei cai kou rou,very tasty

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