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Sian (-___-)

It’s the fourth day of Chinese New Year but already the festive mood is fading and everyone is starting to trickle back to work. Sigh. Which also means my holiday is almost over.


A picture of my brother Darren attempting to carry the newest addition to the family during the first day of Chinese New Year.Sigh.. good things never last. We’ve just returned from sending Dar off to the airport where he’s doing the grown up thing and going off to work in KL.

Tomorrow Jo, Hc and I are traveling back to Perth together. Then the day after it will be Jan’s turn at the airport, and soon my parents will be alone again. Last night, after a week of blissful dreamless sleeps, I started dreaming about work again. It kinda really really sucks that my holiday is over when it feels like it has hardly begun. I already miss Kuching, miss my home and miss my family.


CNY eve

I wish there was some way to bring Kuching food back to Perth.


We’ve been eating out a lot, so much that we had to take a break yesterday and stayed at home with maggi mee  and sausages for lunch. I’ve had two kolo mees to date, still good.


My favourite is kolo mee straight ‘bang ang’ (added char siew sauce). Can’t really describe the springiness of the noodles, the slightly sweet, salty, garlicky oil mixture.

char kueh

Had my first char kueh today, it was very nice. There’s usually a choice of sweet or salty char kueh, I had the salty one today, very yums.


One of Jo’s cravings ticked off the list, she’s been wanting to eat really good satay for ages and the ones at Hui Sing are always very good.


My sister Jan is busy counting out money for the angpows she has to give the little ones this year. It’s the first year that she’s giving out angpows. She says that she’s going to start a new trend and start greeting everyone with ‘Happy CNY’ as in ‘happy cee nee‘. I think it might turn out to be the catchphrase of the season.


You know Chinese New Year is here when pretty pots of flowers start appearing around the house.


Our mini pot of mandarin oranges which I think is much cuter than the big plants.


Traditional chinese wall decals are making a comeback, I love them.  We’ve been sticking them all around the house.


Our little lion with his little mandarin. All the decorations are up, we’ve given the house a spring cleaning, the cars are washed and waxed and our new year clothes are ironed and hung up. I can hear firecrackers banging in the background. I think we’re reading for Chinese New Year 2011.

Xin Nian Kuai Le, Gong Xi Fa Cai folks!

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