All in a Day’s work

(Early this morning)

Daitaoha to Mel: I’m feeling really unmotivated today. Very grey.

Mel to Daitaoha: It’s not just you. I feel bleeeeahhhhh today.

(10 mins later, Lin walks in)

Lin to all: I’m feeling really unmotivated today. I just thought I would announce it to you all.

(Daitaoha thinks to self : Hey, she’s repeating exactly what I said earlier)

Lin to all: Is it too early for a coffee? Oh… ok, I’ll make myself a green tea.

(10 mins later)

Daitaoha to all: Does anyone want a coffee??

Mel to all: Aarrgh.. and I was just congratulating myself for not getting one since Lin mentioned it 20 mins ago. Oh well, at least I lasted 20 mins, could I have a skinny cap please?

Lin to Mel: Er.. actually Mel, that was just 10 minutes ago.

Mel : Oh. *silence* It felt like 20 minutes (-_________-)

Lin: Who cares?! Let’s all get coffee!


(20 minutes to going home time)

Lin emails Daitaoha: 20 MINS ALMOST TIME TO GO HOME!!

( 12 mins to going home time)

Daitaoha emails Lin: 12 minutes to go, but who’s counting?

Lin emails Daitaoha: I AM!!!!!

(Both start packing up and switching off computers. Fire drill goes off. Announcement: Beep. Beep. Beep. This is a practice fire drill. Will all fire wardens please go to the fire phones)

I couldn’t believe our bad luck. We had to climb down 8 flights of stairs and stayed an extra 40 mins for the fire drill!!!

Anyway, enough about work, some food photos.


My carrot cake which I found too light and fluffy, I was hoping for a more dense texture so it would be easier to slice.


I tried out Lin’s low fat Malteser slice recipe, for a weightwatchers recipe, the chocolate cake was wonderfully chocolatey and moist, yums.


Mei chai kou rou, braised belly pork with pickled mustard, I love this dish not because of the pork belly, it’s the pickled mustard I like!


Tom yum soup, it was a good way to get rid of all the leftover seafood mix and fish in the freezer.

Yeah, it’s finally Friday tomorrow, I can’t wait for the weekend!! (^_____^)


2 Responses to “All in a Day’s work”

  1. 1 slappedbygunk December 2, 2010 at 4:55 pm

    Okay I think the Malteser slice isn’t suitable for cny lah.

    You poor people having a fire drill at the end of the day! Stupid timing!

    I had another snow day today! I blogged, you go see my snow pics.

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