Sunday brunches

There’s a neighbor that plays piano every night, it used to be quite soothing but recently he or she has started practicing LATE at night. Luckily it’s the piano and not er hu or violin I guess.

Then the piano started again early this morning. This time I didn’t mind because it reminded me of the church bells that we would hear back home in Kuching while lying in bed on a Sunday morning. Then we would get up, brush up and soon ah Pa’s organ tunes would drift up the stairs. All pile into the car and Ah pa would ask ‘Chiak har mik?’ (What should we eat?) And we would take turns saying ‘Chin chai‘ meaning ‘whatever, anything’. In the end Ah pa would just head off to our usual bak kut teh place (I can imagine Jaso drooling as he reads this) probably thinking why he even bothered asking in the first place (-_____-)”.

I think Jan is coming home for CNY next year, if Darren flies home as well, we’ll all be home for CNY so exciting. I am already imagining all of us piling into the car and Ah Pa asking us where we want to go, but I’m quite sure this time we will have lots of answers for him.

Btw good friends and family, go check out the class photo of me in primary school, a primary schoolmate found me on Facebook (how do they do this? It still amazes me!) and tagged me, it’s a hilarious photo, my spectacles take up half my face! And I’m wearing a hairband, so old school. I think I have ‘nerd’ spelt across my forehead too, except while I looked like a nerd, I never studied , sigh… it’s funny lah, so go and have a look!


6 Responses to “Sunday brunches”

  1. 3 slappedbygunk November 20, 2010 at 5:48 pm

    How to find the photo, I don’t think it’s on your news feed.

  2. 5 cynthia November 21, 2010 at 1:32 am

    I do play piano at late night sometimes, especially these days, I am getting ready for my performance.

    Funny enough, the house if sound proof(?) and they don’t even know I own a piano! 🙂

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