Baking in the kitchen, also baking in the hot sun. It is 39 degrees today and I am dying from heat!! Why?!! Why is summer here so soon? Sigh…


The idea of curries, hot food has been off putting, so last night we indulged in a piece of raw salmon and had it sashimi style. Oishii!! It was so nice and best of all, cold …


Anyway, when it wasn’t so hot a couple of days ago, I actually did some baking. This time it was a Japanese Cheesecake. After getting tips from my mum, she said that I was making her ‘itchy’ (I thought people only use that term when playing mahjong!) and she baked one the next day too! Hehe, before you know it, Jan will be baking from her kitchen in London. The cake actually turned out quite good but I was looking for an even softer texture.

After a couple of days in the fridge, the texture is now rather dense and creamy, not so Japanese cheesecake but more Western cheesecake. But never mind, because it’s also cold!

Ok, back to melting and waiting for the thunderstorm to break for the weekend …. (T___T)


4 Responses to “Baking”

  1. 1 slappedbygunk November 19, 2010 at 11:53 pm

    Wah so brave, buying a piece of salmon and eating it as sashimi. For some reason I just can’t do it. Sashimi just seems a bit gross when it’s just me cutting it up.

    The cheesecake looks great!

  2. 2 Di November 20, 2010 at 12:42 am

    Didn’t suffer the next day so I guess the piece was quite fresh, or more like i have stomach of steel?

    You also go and bake and blog. Are you blogging about Kuching soon?

  3. 3 Cheng November 20, 2010 at 5:38 am

    Here’s a cooling thought, it snowed for the first time in the city here and for Vancouver area, this is a nice surprise. It didn’t last though since its not cold enough to keep the snow, still snow falling gently down is always a welcoming sight.

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