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Day 5 and 6 in Osaka: The best Tempura, Universal Studios & Takoyaki musuem

If the key word of my 2009 was change, the keyword for 2010 seems to be volatility. Whether it’s my job, relationships, health, anything and everything has been up and down, hanging by a thread, emotions have been running wild and all over the place. Perhaps another word to describe 2010 so far would be exhaustion. I’m just hoping  that the year ends quick and 2011 can be all about peace.

I’ve been thinking about home a lot. Maybe it’s because I always associate Kuching with peace and quiet. The place where I have dreamless nights and deep sleeps. The soft sinking couch with a good book. My funny ah ma with great anecdotes and fun chats. My wise ah pa with kind words and a lot of music. I miss the rest of my family too. The best part of the food stall events, truly, was selling food with Jo. That was the highlight for me. The thing about families, you know that at the end of the day, they will always be on your side, on your team.

Maybe because I’ve been thinking about family and home so much, I wanted to do another Japan post. It has been a long time since April but the trip is still very clear in my mind. To look back at the photos, of the food, of the silly hat pictures, it makes me feel much better. And everything suddenly seems more clear.

Day 5 was about shopping in the Namba area and the best tempura lunch. I can’t remember the shopping mall that this restaurant was located, but Jan and Andy ate the tempura lunch at this restaurant some years back and just loved it so much they swore to return. And so they did, and they brought us along too (^__^).

tempura 2

It was a posh looking restaurant and I remember that we got a beautiful room of our own. I can imagine businessmen having big parties and dinners in that room, getting drunk and eating lots which talking business. Lucky for us, they still had the tempura set that Jan and Andy so loved.

tempura 3

We didn’t even have to peruse the menu, the tempura set it was. And it was such a lovely set too. Even now, I remember that the tempura was perfectly battered, light and crispy. And the tempura dip was drinkable good, in fact, I’m not sure whether it was Jan or someone that poured the remaining dip into their rice.

tempura 4

My favourite bit of the tempura was the shiso leaf. How did they manage to coat and fry the shiso leaf I don’t know, but what came out was a refreshing, minty and crispy leafy bit, very yums.


We also ordered some sashimi which my mum loved, she really likes sashimi. It’s a pity she lives in Kuching where the best sashimi is err.. I’m not sure where. I do remember accompanying her to Sushi King in the Spring where there was a fly stuck inside one of the lids on the sushi conveyor belt thingys. Uuurgh. We do kolo mee so much better.

After the delightful meal, we walked around the shopping center, I think it was the day when Jo bought a lot of sakura themed hairpins and clips, and we bought pretty bracelets and cute postcards. Everything was so pretty and beautifully packed. Sigh.. dear Japan.

After that, Jan brought me to my idea of crockery heaven. I can’t remember the name and had to google it, but I think the place was called Doguya-suji (Jan correct or not?), a stretch of shops filled with cooking accessories, they had everything, pretty matching chopsticks, crockery and plates of all shapes and sizes, handy kitchen utensils. I wanted to bring them all home.


Sadly, common sense prevailed and I was only able to pick out a few little bowls for home. And some matching chopsticks as well. It was such a shame to leave all those gorgeous plates, bento set boxes behind.


The alley sold everything a restaurant might need, even these lanterns that we see hung outside Japanese restaurants. If I were ever to open a Japanese restaurant, this would be place to be at.I can’t remember what we did for the rest of the day, but I’m quite sure a lot of shopping was involved. Osaka had lovely spring fashion then, and even now Jo and I are still wearing our Japan purchases with pride and joy.

Day 6 started with Universal Studios. Since we’ve been to Universal Studios in other parts of the world, we weren’t so keen on the rides but did go for a special few.


Such as the new Spiderman ride. My favourite thing about theme parks, is that everything is themed, i.e. you’re in a completely different world, far away from the realities of life. For example, the best part of Disneyland, is when you’re walking in and suddenly everything is Mickey mouse shaped, all the buildings and rides are out of this world and Disney songs are piping out from every corner. Universal Studios is the same, except you’re immersed in the movie world where movie theme songs pipe out from every corner.


Even theme park food is extra colourful. Note how their carrots are cut out in the shape of stars haha. I think this was my mum’s pork medallions dish.


Some of us went for hambagu, but it wasn’t as good as the one we had at royal host. I remember it being very very oily, there was a pool of oil on the dish afterwards.

Jan pics

Most fun part of Universal Studios has to be trying out silly hats and taking photos with all the characters. Our favourite characters were the puppets from Sesame Street. I like Cookie Monster, reminds me of myself, hehe.


On the way back from Universal Studios, we went to the Takoyaki musuem and tried a variety of famous takoyakis. I can’t remember why I didn’t take photos, but here’s one of Jo outside the entrance of the museum with the cute takoyaki mascot.

I remember for our last night in Osaka, we returned to the 130 yen conveyor belt  place  for sushi . I also remember that we ate almost double the amount from the first time (=^___^=). Sigh, dear salmon toro.

And so that’s the end of our Osaka leg of the trip, I love love Osaka, everything about it was fun, the food was so yummy and good, best of all it was  fun, they have cute round takoyaki balls, thinly fried shiso tempuras, okonomiyakis with all sorts of fillings, and not to mention 130 yen conveyor belt sushis! And who can forget the gorgeous sakuras, the majestic elegant ones in Himeiji castle, and the beautiful shades and colours at the Osaka mint.

Next up on the Japan post is Arima Onsen! One of the best experiences in Japan yet!

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