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Sarawak Delights @ UWA Spring Feast 2010

D-Day itself.


The pots and pots of laksa stock, chicken curry and ayam masak merah. Tons of vermicelli. Boxes of yellow rice.

sarawak delights

Posters hung high loudly advertising Sarawak Delights’ menu (yes I stuck with the name so paiseh), all boxes going for $6, affordable right?

the cooks

Hygiene conscious fully togged up professional  chefs ready to roll.


Cute apron wearing cheerful salesgirl. Check. Victory signs (Y__Y). Check.

We sold out in an hour and started packing and washing up by 7.30pm!!

I’m sorry for the lack of photos but I was too busy, well, selling food. Forgot to appoint an official photographer for the night. Never mind, UWA’s Spring Feast was our trial run, our stall at next week’s Curtin Pasar Malam will be bigger and much much better. This was a really good learning experience, I can’t tell you how many mishaps and bad luck we had throughout the day. As an example, of all days, the taps in my house starting running yellow water?!!! And I had to go to the backyard to get clean water for cooking. The water went back to normal when we finished up (T___T).

Cooking lasted till 2am in the morning. Poor Gerry and his parents were roped into the food prep, my lasting impression of that night besides the aching joints was his mother and father sitting on the dining room table and shredding chicken for our laksa, working in harmony and in total silence.

The best part of the night was selling food with Jo, we had lots of fun cajoling people to buy more buy more! And they did. My food was not up to par at all, but I will improve next week.

I promise more pictures next time, Calv, in case you didn’t know (I know you don’t because I didn’t tell you haha) you’ve¬† been appointed the official photographer for the night.Next Friday night 15 October @ Curtin University ok? Look out for the Sarawak Delights sign or two girls in aprons!¬† Be there or be square!

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