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Baking Sio Pao with Ah Ma

It was Gloria’s last dinner in Perth before heading to the far far land of Kalgoorlie. She came over to pick up some spare crockery and utensils and stayed for a meal.

green papaya

Salad was Thai inspired green papaya salad with grilled charsiew chicken. I like the crunchy texture of green papayas, but my personal favourite is the tartness of green mangos.


Entree was tamagoyaki, I love cooking eggs in different methods, steamed in a chawan mushi, or half boiled drizzled with a yummy sauce, but tamagoyaki, sweet egg rolls are possibly one of my favourite ways of eating eggs.


We did have a miso soup as well, so it was a Japanese themed dinner, probably because I was lazy and didn’t want to worry about cooking something new and difficult. Tried and tested teriyaki chicken with mashed avocado mayo is always a hit.


Pear tarte tatin for dessert again? Well sort of, only it was a banana tarte tatin which was nice as well, caramelised banana is yummy, I think I’m going to keep trying this with different fruits until I find a favourite.


This time I finally bought the vanilla icecream and we had it with a slice of tart.

mee pok

It was Malaysia’s National Day on the 31st, unlike last year where we had a Malaysian themed food gathering, I completely forgot about Merdeka Day this year. I went home thinking ‘what can I cook that is Malaysian?’ I was out of coconut milk, sick of curries, couldn’t think of anything. So I went with simple and had a mee pok instead, not sure whether it’s Malaysian but it did remind me of Kuching a bit.

agar agar

For dessert we had agar agar, it was orange and gula melaka flavoured. Looked quite pretty but I didn’t like the taste much, I prefer agar agar with coconut milk.

I don’t know how others decide what they’re having for dinner, but my day usually goes like this. (Sitting in the office) ‘hmm… what should I cook today’ (google for recipe) or ‘i think i have chicken in the fridge, something chicken’, then I get an email from my Ah ma telling me that she’s just tried a great siew pao recipe and the skin is flaky and crumbly and all my pre planned ideas are gone. ‘Tonight I’m making sio pao’.

sio pao

Best of all was smsing my mum on the way home asking for tips on the buns, and then calling home to ask her to explain the exact rolling method. Hahaha, she even directed me to a video to see how it’s done. I noticed that we’ve been swapping recipes and influencing each other to bake or cook the same things. During the same week, my sister in London, my mum and I all made honeycomb cake, and then my mum started baking chiffon cakes. And now I’m making sio paos. The sio paos (literally translated ‘hot buns’ in Hokkien, or ‘shao bao’ in Mandarin) turned out pretty good.

sio pao2

The skin was crumbly and flaky, the filling of chicken, peas, mushrooms and onion satisfied my craving for sio pao. It’s really fun cooking with my mum!


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