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Yellow and orange

I can’t believe it’s only Thursday tomorrow, it’s been a hell of a work week and I feel really quite terrible. Which might explain the amount of baking and cooking I did over the week, for some reason all the cooking turned out in shades of  yellow and orange, cheery colours but I was mostly feeling blue 😦 .


It was also the week that Gerry did a bit of cooking! Both my male housemates are pretty good cooks so I feel safe turning over the kitchen to them when I want a rest. Supper one night was tong sui  (sweet soup) of egg, white fungus, lotus seeds, and lily bulbs, very nice and comforting.


Gerry is also now in a prawn mode, buying kilos of prawns over the weekend. This is his specialty of very garlicky prawns, he wanted to invite Jo and HC over (coz Jo loves his prawns) but unfortunately she couldn’t make it. Don’t worry Jo,still a kilo of prawns left in the fridge!

nasi kuning

Nasi kuning aka yellow rice which is really tumeric spiced coconut milk laden rice, very fragrant and goes well with curry.

pineapple rice

More yellow rice, only this is Thai pineapple rice which I garnished with fish floss shavings.

pineapple beef

The leftover pineapple, I used in my pineapple beef dish, my favourite and food proof stir fried beef dish.


Mini portugese egg tarts made with frozen puff pastry in my mini muffin pan, I should probably have rolled the pastry thinner for more custard filling, I think next time I might make them normal sized, but mini ones are so cute and as Jan puts it, handy to share around with work colleagues.


Some of the pineapple also went towards tonight’s carrot cake muffins, I am learning how to wrap my own muffins with baking paper instead of using muffin wrappers, saves money that way and I am foreseeing lots of cupcake/muffin baking in the future. The carrot cake recipe was pretty good with the muffins chockful with chopped walnuts, shredded carrot and crushed pineapple.


My mum’s famous fried sharksfin dish except mine was fake sharksfin with vermicelli instead. I used lots and lots of bamboo shoots in mine because I love the crunch of bamboo shoots.

I hope I make it to Friday and the weekend. 😦

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