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Hom’s 3 day tour of Perth

Gerry’s good friend and fellow hometown-er Hom flew in from Brisbane for a whirlwind visit to Perth. He stayed at our place over the weekend and we thoroughly enjoyed his lovely company. What happens when you drop in for a short weekend?


A bbq party is called at very short notice, thanks to Wendy and Jason for being great hosts and Calv for being the main chef of the night (^__^).

hom visits

Richard gets to show off his kungfu moves on Wii. Notice Xinchen laughing in the corner? His poor opponent was Ah Tim who didn’t know what hit him.


Group photo, notice Fabie the poodle¬† between Jason and Wendy? The cute puppy is Wendy’s new baby.

freo hom

We woke up early enough to make it to Freo. It was a beautiful day, clear skies and sunny. I like all these pictures, Hom and Gerry look so happy and truly, we did have a great time.


No weekend is complete without coffee, or iced mochas for the boys.


We didn’t stop there, no Freo trip is complete without fish and chips, this time we skipped the famous (but in my opinion not so great) Cicerello’s and had Kailis Brother fish and chips instead.


We stopped by the beautiful Cottlesloe beach for some picture taking. This is Hom’s favourite pose, it was such a sunny day that he had to shade his eyes for lots of photos.


We joked that our eyes were too small, so the guys tried to pry their eyes open with their fingers, don’t think it helped much (^__^).

kings park

I don’t know how we managed to squeeze in King’s Park but we did, it’s a must go in any Perth visit to admire Perth’s city skyline and the river views.


We found a cute green frog lying amongst the grass in King’s Park. It seemed to be enjoying the late evening sun.


Gerry says except for planes in the sky and vehicles on the roads, China men eat anything with two legs in the sky and four legs on the ground. So he ate the frog (T____T).

roast chicken

After a long day, we were all tired and not keen to head out again for dinner. Instead we roasted chickens and vegetables in the oven and  tossed up a prawn, crab and avocado salad. It was nice and simple, I predict lots of roast dinners in the future.

the garden

Last night in Perth was dinner at The Garden, the fairly new pub in Leederville which Gerry has been pestering us to go to for the longest time. It was very quiet because it was a Monday night but the pub was gorgeous and the menu was interesting. You would think that after a day in Swan Valley the boys would be sick of wine but no, we had a bottle of red which was quite lovely.

the garden1

See how happy Gerry is that we went to The Garden? It was such a fun dinner with lots of laughter and silly conversation, sigh, I hope Hom comes back to Perth sometime soon.


A hop and skip away to the famous Little Caesar’s pizzeria for the Sam Caramello dessert pizza with bananas,caramel sauce and macadamias. Then it was time to go home and bid Hom goodbye. I want to visit Gerry and Hom’s hometown in Guangzhou now, I reckon it would be very very fun.


Back to dreary and boring homecooked dinners but at least my cooking mojo is back! This week’s theme is called ‘using up the leftover ingredients from the barbeque’. This was stir fried sweet chilli prawns on an omelette.

My first attempt at Terung Balado (Indonesian spicy eggplant dish with belacan) which we always eat at Manise, not quite the same but tasty all the same. And I finally used the belacan that I brought all the way back from Kuching! My whole house smells of belacan(shrimp paste) now, but I like it.

Ok, hopefully the rest of the week flies by and it’s the weekend again.


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