Happy 端午节 Duan Wu Jie

also known as Dragon Boat Festival, and to me the gluttony daitaoha, the day we get to eat zhong zi, bak chang, rice dumplings (^___^)

I trekked a long way to get these rice dumplings, hopefully it will bring some cheer and foodie joy to my family and friends. It’s also Adrian’s birthday today, if you’re reading this, happy birthday, hope it was a great one!

More lunch bentos, hambagu with demi glace, my first attempt at demi glace, it was a very basic and simple version, will try more complex versions in future.

I like chawan mushis for winter. My mother gave me some fabulous mushrooms which just taste great in everything.

Dinner tonight was marinated lamb chops with mash and asparagus. I love tender and crunchy asparagus stalks, if only they weren’t so expensive, I would have them more often.

Banana and marmalade muffins for morning tea/afternoon tea the next day. Aren’t my 100 yen Daiso toothpick thingys cute?

Ok, time to sleep, two more days to the weekend, will it never come?


4 Responses to “Happy 端午节 Duan Wu Jie”

  1. 1 Hui June 16, 2010 at 6:17 pm

    I feel warmly connected, thanks. Good job, and delicious food too — which made me hungry again. My husband and I are going to get ZongZi (rice dumplings) soon!

  2. 3 slappedbygunk June 16, 2010 at 6:47 pm

    What is that stuff next to the hamburgers? Egg?

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