World Cup fever

Monday mornings are always difficult, even more so when it’s cold and wet outside. Also if you’re an OL on a budget who has decided to give up her daily Velvet and Lowdown coffees for affordable ‘3-in-1’ instant coffee sachets.

Ok, it could be worse. My 3-in-1s are lovely Malaysian ‘Aik Cheong’ Kopi Tarik packs and remind me of Kuching kopitiams and home. It’s going to rain continuously for the whole week but I’ve received a cute pocket umbrella over the weekend to replace my much loved but now broken polka dotted brolly.

Best of all, World Cup is finally here!!! I’ve been sitting in front of the tele and basking in World Cup fever all weekend.  We’re all so excited and perusing the match schedule diligently to see which matches we’ll be able to catch without falling asleep in the office the next day. I’m a bit shy to admit that I’m still supporting England despite the goalkeeper fumbling so badly during the last match. I’m sure they will do better next time, I hope.

It bugged me that I didn’t hear a peep about Australia’s match against Germany in the radio this morning. Instead they were going on about AFL matches, arrgh. Then I got into the office and checked the news. Australia thrashed 4-0 and Cahill red carded. Oops. I guess that’s why it wasn’t mentioned on the radio.

Between Masterchef and World Cup, it looks like I’m going to be a couch potato for the rest of June (^___^)Y.

But it’s not all World Cup, I’ve been cooking too.

Claypot chicken rice with a real claypot this time. It achieved the desired ‘charred’ claypot effect, but cleaning out the claypot afterwards was a bit troublesome, I might stick to the rice cooker in the future.

Tomorrow’s bento is Ayam Pongteh and rice. I like those ‘all in a pot’ dishes for lazy cooking days.

For dessert there’s orange sponge cake with orange flavoured icing, I added some fresh orange zest and extra orange paste for extra flavouring. Love orange flavoured desserts.

Ok, the Netherlands vs Denmark game is on, back to the tv for me (^___^)!!


2 Responses to “World Cup fever”

  1. 1 傑仔 June 14, 2010 at 5:18 pm

    Thank you for your TV 🙂

  2. 2 slappedbygunk June 14, 2010 at 6:32 pm

    Oh boy, so hungry reading this post with all the lovely pics of your good food!

    I’m supporting England. Even though we’re pants.

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