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To Ramen With Love

The only other person I know who might love ramen more than my father is Richard. And I stress on the word ‘might’. Because my father is a huge huge ramen fan, seriously, I think he would have happily eaten ramen for every meal during our Japan holiday.

Myself, I’m not a huge ramen fan, I usually prefer rice over noodles. But ramen in Japan, is really something special.

My sister brought our whole family to the Shinyokohama Ramen Musuem located in Yokohama for some serious ramen eating. I’ll blog about the musuem in a separate post, it was a long trek away but definitely worth it, I would do it again in a heartbeat.

So if this is not about the musuem, what am I blogging about?

Well Richard didn’t make it on the trip, while we were downing bowls and bowls of luscious ramen, I couldn’t help thinking ‘ gosh, he would love this’. So the next best thing I could do (besides eating lots of ramen on his behalf, wuahaha) was … buy him a box of instant ramen from the musuem’s souvenir shop!

These boxes of ramen are only sold in the museum and include ramen from the  famous ramen shops featured in the musuem. I didn’t know which shop to choose from, but ended up choosing this shoyu based ramen because my sister and brother in law highly recommended it, my brother in law  liked the ramen from that shop best during their last visit to the musuem (sadly the shop was no longer in the musuem when we visited).

I bought a slab of pork belly and braised it tonight just for the ramen. Just one bowl, all the way from Japan, would it be anything close to the ramen heaven I had in Japan? I highly doubted it. I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered that the packet containing the broth essence wasn’t in powder form but liquid. A wonderful aroma emerged when we emptied it into our pot of boiling water.

Ta-dah! Ramen and shoyu based broth with thin slices of braised pork belly, strips of crunchy bamboo shoots, spring onion and half boiled egg, the essential condiments in a bowl of ramen.

Verdict from the ramen lover? ‘We need to eat more’. ‘Very good’. ‘I give it 8 out of 10’. He found the texture of the ramen springy and smooth. Fantastic combination with the broth which was flavourful, tasty and gorgeous with the fragrance of the spring onions, crunchy texture of the bamboo and creamy egg. My verdict? So much better than I expected, comparable or perhaps better than my favourite ramen shop in Perth, but in comparison with the real thing in Japan? Of course not as good, but still, really not bad at all. I was impressed.

My only regret? I should have bought more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


When I woke up this morning, I thought I was in Japan. (T_________T)

I had my first Velvet flat white since the holidays yesterday morning. It was wonderful. I knew then that the working season had started in earnest, no more holidays for a long long while. Sigh.

But I have lots of plans. Big plans, it’s exciting and scary at the same time.

But I’ve almost fully recovered from the dreadful cough, over the counter meds are great, and it’s the weekend!! So I’ll stop wearing black and mourning the end of my holidays for a couple of days (^__^). Japan posts will be next I promise, but I might start wearing black again.

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