Laksa Easter

Today it was back at work after a glorious long and lazy Easter break.

Easter started with candles, homecooked steak, cute bunnies (came with my Easter egg from Jo!) and creme caramel desserts.

There’s always room for more slow cooked soup, this time it was pork ribs soup with crunchy lotus roots, honey dates and red dates.

A sudden craving for Sarawak laksa meant foraging into my precious store of laksa paste packs brought all the way from Kuching.

Our favourite chicken butcher. There’s another photo of him holding up the cleaver with a maniacal grin, but I found it a litle bit too convincing and scary.

While he chopped and butchered, I helped out with the condiments such as the making of very important egg omelette strips.I like lots of egg in my laksa. Meanwhile, the prawn and chicken stock simmered away on the stove. I was sad to use up my treasured stock of prawn shells, I’m all out after this laksa spree, so friends reading this, please save up your prawn shells and heads for me!

Empty bowls of laksa condiments, the beehoon, egg strips, shredded chicken, beansprouts and prawns waiting to be drenched in yummy laksa stock.

All ready! Jo and HC get ready to tuck in to their Sarawak laksas.

Verdict? Not bad, enough to satisfy our craving for laksa but definitely room for improvement. We readjusted the leftover stock the next day and it was much better. Laksa for dinner and laksa for breakfast, such a Kuching Easter.

Having friends (i.e. Gerry) that work part time in Maccas has its perks. Best of all, lots and lots of burgers. To this day, I still think of the three layer fillet o fish that Gerry made for me 4 years ago during the World Cup final. Do you hear that Gerry? That was FOUR years ago!! Time for a repeat …. Being bored, I decided to have a battle of the cheeseburgers, Hungry Jacks v.s. Mcdonalds.

Hungry Jacks definitely beats Maccas when it comes to size and ingredients. But what it makes up with quantity it lacks in quality. The Mcdonalds cheeseburger was tastier, the bun softer, beef patty and onions all round nicer.

Rounding off the last of the Easter break with an evening walk around the neighbourhood. The last of the spring flowers were out in full bloom.Soon the trees and bushes will be stripped bare and it will be winter. I love winter.

Bougainvilleas remind me of my home in Kuching where we used to have bougainvilleas in the garden, mostly pink and orange though. These white ones were pretty too.

It was a lovely Easter break but short lived. Never mind, I have another holiday to look forward to, 5 days and counting, I can’t believe it. We’re finally going to Japan and the land of Chibi marukochan.


2 Responses to “Laksa Easter”

  1. 1 mum April 9, 2010 at 12:02 pm

    the eggs look nice. richard looks so like a chef.

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