The old and the new

It’s been a week of hellos and goodbyes. A long week, my first week back at work after the Chinese New Year holidays and also my last week at the branch where I’ve worked at for almost two years.

I told my manager that I didn’t want a farewell morning tea because I’m not really leaving, so they arranged a ‘thank you’ morning tea instead. Excuses for cake (^__^).

Met up with my ex manager J and my ex colleague A for lunch at 44 King Street. Realised how much I missed them in the office when they waited patiently for me to finish taking photos of their food because they know about the blog. A told me to try his scallop and duck sang choi bao ‘you have to try it for blogging purposes right?!’ , and it was very nice too.

My order was a grape, grilled haloumi, asparagus and olive salad. Quite nice too.

It’s been a week of farewell afternoon teas. This one was for retiring colleagues who’ve worked for 26 years and 36  years  in the organisation! I can’t imagine working in one place this long. The 70 year old aunty told me about the old days when they were so excited that they office was getting electric typewriters (0__0). I helped with the farewell preparations.

And then it was the much awaited long weekend and our Chap Goh Meh karaoke and dinner, it was really nice catching up with everyone again, our first big gathering in a long while I reckon. Even though it’s a bit sad that the long weekend is over, I’m quite nervous/excited about my first day in the new branch tomorrow, wish me luck! But best of all, R is coming back tomorrow (^____^).


3 Responses to “The old and the new”

  1. 1 Jan March 1, 2010 at 10:49 pm

    Good luck at your new work place!!

    The sang choi bao looks good.

  2. 3 rita March 8, 2010 at 12:02 pm

    seems that this weekend was the weekend to meet up with old friends. we went out on friday nite with some friends whom we haven’t seen since late summer/early fall? life can get too hectic, sometimes.

    good luck on your new job! are you excited? is this a promotion? i guess, i have to do quite a bit of catching-up on your blog to see what’s going on.

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