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Roles reversal

Last night I stayed in at home with my parents while Jo and HC had their early valentine’s day celebration.

My grandfather was sick the day before so my Ah Pa and I drove up to visit him. On the way there, we stopped by 101 and bought a small mandarin tree for our home. I think Jo and I will decorate it today with red ribbons and perhaps a hanging gold tiger or two.

It was very quiet at my grandparent’s place as my grandfather was sleeping. Not that he’s very loud nowadays, the famous booming voice is quiet nowadays.  My father and I sat in the living room with my Mahmah. Mahmah told me that she is growing old and told me that she’s 80 this year. My grandfather is 81. My father chatted with my grandmother in Foochow and I didn’t understand most of the conversation, but he was relaxed and smiley. Suddenly I was reminded of the old days when my grandparents would drive up to our house every evening. Always with a bag of apples, or char siew baos, some buns, I probably developed my habit of eating lots of apples from there.

Both of them would sit by the swing in our garden, enjoying the evening breeze and we would come out to chat with them a bit, bring out cups of warm water. They always sat there for an hour or so, then they would go home. We would help them into their cars and wave goodbye to them from the porch.

Last night my grandmother stood by her her porch and waved goodbye to us as Ah Pa and I drove away. My grandfather isn’t able to drive anymore, so we go out to visit them instead. Before we left, my grandmother hugged me again and told me that she was growing shorter and that I was growing taller (^__^).

Some things have changed forever but I’m glad some will never change.

Hello Kuching yet again …

I have so many restaurants (especially Jacksons) that I have yet to blog about but I don’t have time to post up anything because I’m flying out to Kuching tomorrow!

As I’m typing my mind is thinking ‘I should really be packing’.

Okie, so I’m returning to Cat Town for Chinese New Year for the first time in 3/4 years? It will be so fun and exciting to celebrate a real Chinese New Year again, I am so looking forward to poking around the Kenyalang CNY stalls with Jo and hanging up gaudy decorations all around our house. Not to mention sampling the Chinese New Year goodies and stuffing my face with kueh lapis, mmmm…

Returning to work late Feb will be exciting too because I’m moving to a different branch, new manager, colleagues and all. I think this will be a really good challenge for me and I will have a clearer direction as to my career once I’ve embarked on this path. Plus, it’s a payrise and that’s always good! (^____^)

We have a farewell steamboat party tonight and obviously I haven’t bought any of the supplies yet let alone located our steamboat machine. So it’s adios for now and see you in Kuching!!

Australia Day 2010 : Too much of a good thing is wonderful

I associate Australia Day with fireworks, summer heat , Aussie girls running around in Australian flag bikinis and being stuck in the traffic jam for a good two hours on the way back from the celebrations. Every year I tell myself  ‘this is the last time we head out for Australia skyworks’ but yet every year when Australia Day rolls around, I find myself trudging along the shores of Matilda Bay scouting for a good picnic spot.

This year it was no different but we had extra Australia Day revellers  in the form of Jaso from Gero, Richard and HC. The more the merrier.

The housemates. This will probably be Xinlong’s last Australia Day celebration before he heads back to Malaysia for good. Sigh, another one bites the dust. I will miss him, but I know the boys will miss him more.

This Australia day we discovered fortune cookie like Dove chocolates with messages in every wrapper. I like this one. It just seemed so apt for the occasion.

The picnic was relaxing, fun and Matilda Bay was beautiful as always. The sun went down and the night sky lit up with spectacular  fireworks.

Uually we hear people saying pessimistic statements like ‘too much of a good thing is bad for you’ but this message quotes the exact opposite, too much of a good thing is wonderful, I love the happiness and simple positivity, sometimes we should just forget our worries,  seize the day and enjoy the moment.


So it was my birthday. And I am an emerging fossil.

First birthday card of the year from Jan and Andy. Thought of Lobbie immediately.

The Dego at Jacksons. Amazing.

Shades of pink and cream birthday flowers make me happy.

Mango mousse birthday cake from Francois. So pretty and yummy.

Wii makes me go weee. Soon I’ll be kinda fit too.

Hand made birthday decorations.

Four big watermelon grins.

One big drinking roulette game.

The countdown cocktail session with friends and family.

More cookbooks for the collection. (^___^). When in doubt, go for the cookbooks.

Totoro themed presents to a hippo from a unicorn.

Birthday brunch with good coffee and an afternoon romantic comedy.

One can never have too many scrumptious mango cakes so I had two slices.

Countless birthday cards, gift cards and heartwarming greetings.

One can never have too many family and friends who will gather together and celebrate your birthday with you.

I’m so lucky to have so many wonderful and special people in my life. Thank you everyone. From the bottom of my heart.

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