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Counting down the days …

till the weekend! So that’s one day down, four days to go. Ok, I have to admit, I’m feeling much better after going back to work. Perhaps it’s having something to do besides sulking mourning the end of my holidays at home, true, I still don’t like my new manager much, but she’s passable. And there’s T who was so happy to see me back that she squealed out loud ‘ YOU’RE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!‘ and proceeded to tell me how horrible the past two weeks have been without me.

Hehe, it’s nice to be missed.

I checked the clock and it was only 10.30 am, then I received an email in my inbox from Jo which started along the lines of ‘something must be wrong! It’s only 10.30am!!! How can?!!’ Hahahaha. Great minds think alike.

Guess what? I didn’t even have a Velvet flat white this morning! Actually the coffees that we had during the weekend made me kinda sick so I didn’t feel the urge. But I have a feeling the daily habit might come back in full force tomorrow. It’s my last week in the branch, people have been coming up to me and saying ‘I heard you’re moving’ , I have to stop myself from retorting ‘Heard from which kaypoh?!’ News travels fast in this agency. It’s funny to think that people actually discuss me at work, I must be the most boring, insignificant minion in this organisation, but I guess they’re running out of things to gossip about.

I lost my mojo to cook upon my return. Lunch bento for tomorrow is very easy unagi, sweet onion omelette, crabsticks and pan fried japanese tofu with rice. But I think I will recover by mid week and closer to Friday, already I’m thinking curry beef brisket?

So we’re slowly recovering from post Kuching blues, already I’m planning our Chap Goh Meh weekend. Who’s up for karaoke and chinese dinner? Ahhh if only Jan and Andy were here, I’m sure they would put their hands up for a spot of karaoke!

The dreaded Monday’s over. Now if only the rest of the week would zip by …

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