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CNY in Kuching : The food

I’m back in Perth. To say that I’m feeling pretty sad is an understatement. I didn’t feel that bad the last time because I knew I was returning in a month’s time, but the Chinese New Year festive season, having so much fun and spending so much time with the family and friends really spoilt me, I’m utterly miserable (T___T).

Anyway, R suggested that I might feel better if I blogged about Kuching. I don’t know, I think I just feel more hungry now (^__^). But it worked, a little bit.

This was one of my first meals in Kuching, salad chicken rice. I didn’t get to eat it last time but we lucked out this time and managed to dapao it back for lunch. Obviously it wasn’t as good as back in the old days when there was salad chicken rice fever, but still, it was tasty and nolstagic.

The original Kuching kolo mee. Curly noodles, minced pork, char siew and no red char siew sauce, just the way my father likes it.

Jaso from Gero left a comment on my blog saying eat bak kut teh on my behalf. So we did! We brought R and Lilian to our favourite bak kut teh haunt and they liked it too.

We always have pork leg rice at the bak kut teh place, this time they had yummy pork intestines which Jo really loves.

Evidence for Jaso that we ate bak kut teh on his behalf. Haha.

R and HC’s favourite Kampua Mee which ranks even higher than Kolo Mee in their must-eat list. The funny thing is when they both met up for breakfast together, they ended up eating Kueh Chap instead. ???

Our last breakfast in Kuching was kaya and toast at Kaya & Toast. I really like the traditional breakfast of kaya and butter toast, a hot cup of coffee and soft boiled eggs.

Unfortunately, Kaya and Toast serves bad kaya and toast, which is ridiculous if you consider that it’s their signature dishes. You would expect them to get at least the basics right.

But one of my soft boiled eggs was hard, the coffee was lukewarm and the toast not even hot enough to melt the butter within.  Like how my father puts it ‘aiyah, this one cannot lah‘.

I said I would I blog about my mum’s kitchen in Kuching. This is the surroundings of my mum’s kitchen. Very tropical kitchen right?

Ta-dah! On the third day of Chinese New Year, Ah Ma prepared a sumptious feast for my dad’s birthday lunch. As my father puts it, this is only a small sample of my mother’s cooking skills, a shake of her little finger.

Mixed vegetable dish, if only all mixed vegetable dishes were like this, I would be eating veggies a lot more. Crunchy lotus root slices, snow peas, abalone mushrooms, my favourite pacific clams, a bit of everything and so colourful to look at.

Deep fried prawns, the tiger prawns here are so huge that they put Australia’s so called tiger prawns to shame.

One of my mother’s famous dishes, her ngo hiang a.k.a. five spices roll, meat roll which is minced pork, prawns and a bit of everything ( I should ask my mother for recipe) wrapped in beancurd sheets and deep fried, correct or not Ah Ma? Very teochew dish.

Another famous Ah Ma dish, fried sharksfin which I always try to recreate in Perth with vermicilli subtitute, but after tasting her dish this year, I have to admit it doesn’t even come close. Aunties have asked my mum for her recipe and have tried cooking the same dish, I even tried an aunty’s version this year, but they’re always lacking in something, too much ginger, too little bamboo, I don’t know, the original is always the best.

A must have for Chinese New Year, pan fried nian gao (ti kueh) which my mum coats with a light batter of flour, eggs and seasoning. I really like nian gao and it’s gooey sweet texture so I ate most of these.

Jo and I are already mourning over the Kuching food that we didn’t get to eat while we were there, but now when I look back at the pictures, we still managed to eat a lot! I’m craving nian gao right now … sigh.. I miss Kuching and Ah Ma.

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