Project January lives on

Our homecooking project is still going strong! Today’s dinner was Jamie Oliver’s melt in the mouth beef shin (click for recipe) which Richard cooked in the slow cooker.

We had it with mashed potato made from warm milk and butter since we didn’t have any creme fraiche. It’s interesting to see what kind of recipes we’ll be able to come up with in 2010, I have lots of new cookbooks from Malaysia, haha.

I’m at the transition phase at work, caught between the old and the new. I’m getting along ok with the new manager, but I do miss J and A. It’s odd not knowing where I’ll be in a month but this time I’m not panicking. I figure life will work it’s way out like it always does (^__^).

But I received an email from A today from his new workplace titled ‘Checking in’. And coincidentally J emailed me  as well, we’re meeting up for coffee tomorrow. Another excuse to drink the delectable Velvet flat whites. It’s touching that they’re both still looking out for me. Even though they’ve moved on from our old workplace, they’ve stayed on in my life.

It goes to show that you can meet the movers and shakers of your life anytime, anywhere.


2 Responses to “Project January lives on”

  1. 1 slappedbygunk January 7, 2010 at 10:05 pm

    It’s nearly Friday! In fact it’s Friday for you! Yay yay!

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