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A mountain of nasi briyani

I’m a day late on the Kuching posts. Right now Bryan is probably having the greatest time shooting aliens and killing zombies with the boys at a smoky cyber cafe, while Jaso is sleeping away the travel fatigue and dreaming of the promised bak kut teh tomorrow in our guest bedroom.

But yesterday it was all about Asrul and him introducing us to great Indian and Malay food in Kuching. Early in the morning he drove us to Satok for a ‘healthy’ breakfast of roti canai and curry only to find that the tables were all taken. Not fazed in the least, we just strolled to the famous Old Rex Cucur Udang (another old cinema favourite) kopitiam across the road to ‘snack’ on some fried prawn fritters and other yummy fried delicacies dipped with sweet chilli peanut sauce. My personal favourite is  the fried sweet potato.

That was breakfast for me but it was just an appetizer for the growing boys, the main was always the light and fluffy roti canai with tender kari daging.

Bryan gives the roti canai his signature thumbs up.

It’s a joke amongst us how everyone in Kuching heads to the Spring ( the most popular shopping centre in Kuching)at some point. The traffic jam was amazingly long by Kuching standards and the carpark so full that we had to park opposite and brave the zooming cars to get across.

We helped Mark to pick out a birthday present for his brother and soon it was time to makan again! Back to the Satok area where Asrul introduced us to Mount Briyani.

I don’t think any of the boys managed to conquer Mount Mutton Briyani that day, but it was great briyani of gigantic proportions with tender mutton pieces. Asrul swears that the Lamb briyani is even better, ‘the lamb falls apart when you part it with a fork’ he exclaims. Perhaps another day.

They headed to my house with Asrul’s PS3 in tow but alas, his sensitive machine refused to recognise any of my televisions so the boys went to Mark’s instead. I must admit that it was really nostalgic for me to watch the boys struggle with wires and trying to connect machines, brought me right back to the days of setting up frustrating  online game connections in Perth.

What was next? More food of course. This time Ah Kiong and his gf joined us at Kuba Ria where everyone walloped a ton of satay sticks.

They almost finished the two whole bbq chickens that Asrul ordered. The chicken was  surprisingly tender and tasty but Bryan is fighting a sore throat today after all this heaty food.

Fantastic hanging out with the guys, just like old times. Talking about nothing can be so something. That wasn’t the end of it. Asrul, Brio and I headed back to Spring again ( I know) to catch a late movie, the Disney cartoon Princess and the Frog which was nice but we were freezing because the cinema is super cold and we didn’t think to bring jackets.

Another food and friend filled Kuching day bites the dust.

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