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Kolo mee + Laksa : covering the Kuching basics

Bryan is in town! With so many of us from Kuching, we’ve been talking about this trip for years, and now he’s finally here.

He didn’t have any requests for Kuching except for one ‘kolo mee’. So I brought him to the famous ‘Anthony Bourdain ate here’ Choon Hui cafe which we used to frequent when we were young but have since stopped going because it’s so crowded and parking isn’t convenient.

Choon Hui is famous for their laksa and this version was not bad. Bryan’s first Sarawak laksa (aside from the ones I’ve cooked in Perth) and he liked it.

Of course no Kuching visit is complete without the famous kolo mee. I don’t think Choon Hui is touted as having the best kolo mee in town, but it was still pretty good.

Yeah, Bryan’s first kolo mee! My parents were laughing at me for making him take photos like these, but I know he will thank me in many years to come when he reminisces of his first kolo mee.

Choon Hui’s roti kahwin (kaya and butter toast) is very yummy too. This was my breakfast with kopi and soft boiled eggs, I didn’t like my eggs but the bread was nice.

This is my second pohpiah in Kuching, did i mention that I love pohpiah? This one was quite nice.

Late afternoon we brought Bryan to Sunday market to have a look at the local fare. I bought some batik sarongs for my colleagues and he bought some key chains. The drizzle turned into a heavy downpour and we were drenched.

It was a relief to huddle at the Big Potato (or was it Mr. Potato?) kopitiam afterward to dry out and have a nice hot dinner. This kopitiam has stalls from the olden days of Capitol cinema (Ah Ma correct me if I’m wrong) serving local delights such as this zhubi peng, glutinous rice cakes with three different fillings, yam, red bean and salt. Bryan really liked these cakes.

I really like char kueh (fried radish cake?) and this sweet version was really moist, soft and yummy.

Everyone else preferred the salty version of the char kueh which was more dry and  peppery.

My mum’s char kway teow which wasn’t too oily and pretty tasty.

Guess what Bryan had again? His second bowl of kolo mee! I am going to count how many bowls of kolo mee he has during his short trip to Kuching. His new motto is ‘when in doubt, go for kolo mee’.

Drinks with Mark and Asrul later in the night at Hilton. The service was crap but the company was so comfortable and good.

Everyone was a little bit different but yet the same. The conversation topics still revolved around the latest electronic gadgets, soccer and computers. It’s nice to know that the boys will never change.

The three amigos, Brio, Markkie and Ars. It’s been what.. 3 or 4 years? I’m glad we’re still good friends to this day.

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