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Chicken rice madness

It was a day of eating. You remember how I ate chicken rice everyday in Singapore?

Guess what? There is good chicken rice in Kuching too! Only this was made from kampung chicken so the chicken was tougher and not as tender and juicy.There are lots of chicken rice shops popping up around Kuching now, some are pretty good but I have yet to taste one of Singaporean standards.

On the way home we stopped by Fujisan bakery for my ham cheem peng. This bakery has been around for ages, their ham cheem peng used to be so popular that it would be sold out by noon.

There were lots when I went today. This ham cheem peng is different from the norm ham cheem peng, sprinkled with sugar and nuts and rubbed with cinnamon powder, it used to be very yummy, but nowadays, it’s not so sugary or nutty anymore.

I treated my grandparents to dinner tonight. We went to Peter’s Special which is a popular restaurant in Kuching. This is my father’s favourite dish, the roasted pork leg which was crispy and tender, very flavourful but lots of fats! I know Richard will love this dish, he’s a pork leg fan.

It was difficult watching my grandfather struggle with his meal, having trouble eating and needing lots of attention. He’s getting old. And so is my grandmother. Which reminds me that I should spend more time with them and cherish every moment and memory.

So.. I may be going home again for Chinese New Year…I just don’t know how I’m going to break the news to my manager. Ahh well, family’s more important right?

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