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When the lights go off

I have no pictures for Day 3 in Kuching because I forgot to bring my camera out *slaps forehead* Much of Day 3 was spent lying down on a chair of some sort. Early in the morning, I went to the dentist. Not the most enjoyable experience but I’m glad that my teeth got the all clear and everything is good now.

Then I had a facial in the evening, or what I call the annual ‘spring cleaning’ of my face. We’ve been going to the same dermatologist for the past 10 years and I’ve got her routine down to pat.

First there’s the Pampering session where they lull you into a sense of serenity with creamy lotions and massages. Then there’s the Steaming session where they open up your pores ready for the climax, the Torture session. The pricking, poking, scraping ‘why the hell did I sign up for self torture’ part.

My favourite part, and this applies to the dentist as well, is when she switches off the round operating light thingy with an air of finality. You know the torture session is over. You gear up for Pampering session 2 which includes the purple bacteria buzzing wand, the cold soothing creams and the spiderman web which she covers your face with. All these creams and appliances mean nothing to me but I’m sure ‘THEY ARE GOOD FOR MY SKIN’.

Then it’s all over and I totter into the sunlight, dazed and slightly giddy, with a face that resembles someone with a severe case of chicken pox.It’s all over till the next annual spring cleaning and I am relieved and glad.

The things we do for beauty.


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