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So the phone interview is over. I’m not sure how I should feel about it, personally I think phone interviews are a disadvantage to both parties, it really helps to have a face to a name and not feel like you’re talking to dead air. The questions were easy but I don’t know how my answers went down. Ah well. What’s done is done, I should just concentrate on enjoying my holidays now.

Before my interview I shook the cue ball and asked ‘Will I get the job?’

The cueball gave a positive answer. But before that I asked ‘will I do well in the interview?’ And the cue ball said ‘My answer is no’. (T____T). So I don’t believe cue balls anymore.

My first homecooked meal always consists of vegetarian mi geng and mani chai. Ah Ma also cooked asam fish which was nice. I love eating fish in Kuching.

Something really sad happened. I went out to visit the dogs and found out that there were two new additions to our doggy household, a Great Dane and Dolberman, really big and kinda scary but I’m sure I’ll like them in time. But I found out Lobbie, our boy golden retriever died a while ago from a suspected snake bite. Goldie our girl golden retriever was bitten too but survived.

My mum didn’t dare to tell us because she was afraid we would be very upset. I was and am really really sad. We named Lobbie Lobbie because my grandmother calls all dogs Lobbie so my brother said ‘we may as well name this one Lobbie’. He was dopey, giant, smelly, silly and exuberant and really really friendly. Now there’s just Goldie who is still gentle and beautiful but has a slight melancholy air about her (or maybe that’s just me). She sits quietly when I rub her and pat her.

Dear dear Lobbie. So so sad.


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