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Shop till you Drop

I’m back in Kuching! I haven’t had my first kolo mee yet but I did have fried kolo mee for dinner.

Singapore was really fun, the itinerary ran like this ‘ eat, shop, shop, put down shopping bags in hotel, go out again, eat, shop’.

What did I eat? Chicken rice. And I mean every single day.

I also ate Breadtalk pork floss buns. Every single night. Why can’t they have bread talk in Perth? Why?? Or really good chicken rice, or chwee kueh, or Gindako takoyaki…

Or really fresh sashimi. This sashimi was melt in the mouth good.

For my last meal in Singapore, I requested that we have old fashion kopi with kaya and butter toast and soft boiled eggs. My mum really enjoyed her kopi and said it reminded her of her childhood where her grandmother made her this for breakfast everyday. The kopi-o is as far removed from Velvet flat whites as possible, but  so fragrant and gorgeous in its own way.

It’s so nice to be back in Kuching. One of the first things I did was visit my grandparents which was so nice and yet sad in a way because they’ve grown so so old. My grandmother was delightfully predictable, saying the same things ‘mama ju lao ju eh, lu ju lai ju guang’ (grandmother gets shorter as i grow older, wheras you’re growing taller and taller). She also told me that I could afford to cut off some of my long hair because it ‘eats blood’ which is something she says every year. (^____^).

So far the holiday has been fantastic. But I have a phone interview tomorrow (T___T). The last time I had a phone interview in Kuching, last year there was a thunderstorm and the electricity went out so I had my interview in darkness. Surely it won’t go as badly this year? *fingers cross* Wish me luck ok? Because I really need it!

Ok I shall be good and try and read my notes for the interview tomorrow, goodbye and good night from Kuching!

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