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I’m going home

So now I’m in my office, sipping on my last Velvet flat white for 2009, pretending to work and chatting to my colleagues who are pretending that they think I’m working. It’s my branch Christmas lunch this afternoon and the last day that I’ll be working with my manager and A who are both leaving the organisation. I left a jar of my cookies on my manager’s desk and she came over to give me a kiss and a card. Yesterday she stopped by my desk and gave me a parcel saying ‘these are for your grandparents’. She bought me sugar-free sweets for my grandparents knowing that my grandfather is diabetic. (T___T). I am heart broken.

 I’ve finished wrapping the Christmas presents and my hand carry is stuffed to the brim with chocolates, TimTams and macadamias. I have yet to pack any personal things like clothes or shoes but figure I’ll get everything in Singapore *I hope or I’m in trouble*. I fly out really early tomorrow morning and I’m so excited. I can’t wait to meet Ah ma and go shopping with her.

 Last night I dreamt that I was in Taiwan with my parents, brother and Jo. There was a knock on our hotel room door and it was Jan and Andy. We were all so excited and I told Jan that I’ve been waiting for her to go to the night markets together. We three sisters linked arms and walked out to the night markets where we recognized our favourite stalls and food. We decided to buy fishball noodles back for my Ah Pa because he likes fishball noodles.

 When I woke up I was so happy. I think my heart has already flown home.

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