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Wendy’s birthday

It seems like birthday cakes are out and birthday cupcakes are the new trend. Wendy’s birthday started with the giant box of cupcakes.

We were all curious to see what the huge box contained, ordered by Jason, there were 25 cupcakes in all, because Wendy turned 25 last Saturday.

I think Wendy was really touched with Jason’s gesture, I overhead him saying ‘all your favourite things, shoe, bag..’ hehe, very sweet right? The cupcakes were very bright and pretty.

Birthday song time!

Wendy picks her first birthday cupcake of the night.

Everyone else picks a cupcake too, I think I had one with a butterfly. The frosting by itself was too sweet, but eaten together with the cake it was just nice. There were some tidbits which I prepared in the afternoon, sushi, three kinds of bruschetta and Richard baked some mini banana muffins.

Then the games begin…. Xinlong won three consecutive ‘Dai Di’ games in a row and crowed over us, insisting on taking these pics with the ‘losers’ in the background every time he won a game. Sometimes we feel like strangling him, there was a night when he won 11 games and he insisted on taking a photo every single time. I think by the time he reached game 12, there was a picture of me choking him on the sofa and MingSian beating him to a pulp.

Gerry’s birthday arrived at the stroke of midnight which was another reason for a round of drinks. I think in my past life I was a wines saleswoman or perhaps a bartendress. These pictures speak for themselves. Us chanting ‘Ming Sian, Ming Sian, Ming Sian’ while he skulled his beer.

Xinlong pretending to be drunk so he didn’t have to drink another glass. I don’t think he would have won any best actor awards that night.

Unfortunately the birthday girl didn’t get smashed but the birthday boy did! Look how red his face was!

A very hyper Gerry with the amused Din Yaw. I wonder whether Gerry realised he spent a good half an hour lying resting on Din Yaw’s shoulder. Hahahaha.

I think Wendy had a fun birthday, I recall her laughing hysterically at one point saying ‘wo hao kai xin’, hehehe, we were very happy too and it was so fun. So Happy Birthday Wendy, let’s do it again come January during Din Yaw’s birthday!

This picture sums it all. It was a goooood night.


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