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Dunsborough Bakery pies (^__^)

Remember how I said I would compare the Miami Bakehouse pies with pies from another famous bakery? The said  famous bakery is the Dunsborough Bakery located down South in Dunsborough, I’m so sad it’s not a stone’s throw away but hey, at least it’s another reason to go for a very long road trip (about 3 hours drive from Perth!).

Legend has it that  the Dunsborough Bakery is an icon of the southwest and one of the oldest remaining businesses in the costal town of Dunsborough.

Established by Nanty (Anthony) Curtis, in 1941, the bakery was originally situated a few blocks down from where it sits today on Naturaliste Terrace. Nanty constructed the first ovens himself using hand-made mud and straw bricks. He would prepare the doughs at his home before carting them to the bakery via horse and cart for baking. Nanty would use a feather as a thermometer and would know when the bread was ready by the way the feather curled. As one of the first food businesses in the small town the bakery serviced many locals and Nanty would deliver fresh bread daily via his horse and cart to many of the residents and businesses even as far as Yallingup. Since then,  the bakery has undergone many changes since but is still renowned for its famous pies.

Sounds good ? The good thing about the pies, they weren’t overly expensive like the ones in Miami Bakehouse and were around the $3 – $5 range. Pretty good value for famous pies. They had all the classics like pepper steak pie, chicken pie, I didn’t know which one to choose.

The bakery is also pretty famous for their sourdough bread which looked good but I didn’t get any *regret* Nothing smells better than the smell of freshly baked bread and pastries in the morning. Truly, it’s one of my favourite smells in the world.

We bought our pies, bought takeaway coffees from Dome and drove a little way down to the popular Smiths beach. It was quite early in the morning so we pretty much had the beach to ourselves except for a few early morning surfers. Such a pretty beach, it was so gorgeous and relaxing just sitting on the sand, surrounded by beautiful scenery, the sounds of waves, hot pies in our hands,sipping on good coffees and feeling the sunshine on our faces. Like my sister Jan puts it ‘This is the life!’

Ok ok back to the pies. I had a chicken and mushroom pie because well, I prefer chicken pies to beef pies.

I think it would take a really bad baker to bake a bad chicken pie, but this pie was lovely, tender chicken chunks, peppery creamy sauce, I would eat it again.

He had a beef and bacon pie or something along those lines.

I was quite surprised because it wasn’t beef chunks but minced beef, this was really yummy too. I’m still not an expert on pies, but these pies were delicious, so nice that I returned in the evening to buy some for Jo and HC. If I had to rate it, I’ll give it a 6.5, but if I were rating based on value, and how I felt that very morning, it would be somewhere along 7 to 7.5, very bias right?

What can I say? It was the combination of beach, sky, sand and pies.

So now you know, to have the ultimate pie experience, go to Dunsborough bakery, grab a hot piping pie and drive down to the nearby beaches to picnic on the sand. If I could, I would go again in a heartbeat.

Dunsborough Bakery
Naturaliste Terrace

November 2009