Let’s go look at the boats

Sometimes my work and personal life is so emotional that even a Friday coffee doesn’t help.

I often joke to my workmates that working in my organisation has turned me to caffeine, drink and cakes. A told me that last night he went home, opened a large bottle of something and downed half a litre in a session.

I succumbed to a slice of cheesecake yesterday. (T___T).

It’s Friday today and I had my ‘start of the weekend’ good coffee from Velvet. But nothing seems to be helping and the caffeine fix doesn’t seem to be working. T my favourite colleague has gone home after causing most of us to tear with a tragic story. I bought her a hot chocolate with extra marshmallows but it doesn’t seem to have helped either.

Most of my friends have finished their exams and are gunning to celebrate tonight. But going home or going out after work has no appeal to me. I just want to go to Matilda Bay, walk a long long way, sit down by my favourite bench and look at the boats for a while.

The only reason why I’m upset both professionally and personally is because I really care about my work, my colleagues, my loved ones. Motto of the story is, I should be thankful and feel lucky that I’m still passionate about my work and people around me.

So I shall stop blogging, start working really hard and hopefully catch some time to look at boats this weekend. Happy weekend guys.


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