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Puff pastry experiments

I’m having lots of fun experimenting with frozen puff pastry, and I hope my friends are enjoying being my puff pastry guinea pigs.

Nutella and banana puff pastry parcels. Nutella and bananas are the perfect combination, yums.

Tomato, basil and mozarella tart which I spread with tomato paste first, it was like a plain pizza only with flaky puff pastry base.

The problem with Project November is that I’m hit with this baking and cooking urge, I want to try everything, cook everything, it doesn’t help that my Ah Ma is enticing me with her recipes and stories of her different experiments everyday. Where to start, where to start. Mexican, Yorkshire puddings, laksas, tom yum and satays, pies, I want to cook them all!

Ok ok, enough about food. I promise the next post will be a birthday post with pictures of friends (and food) instead. And perhaps when I get round to it … I’ll finally blog about Perth Royal Show *hang head in shame* (T____T).

The weekend is over yet again

It’s Monday and I’m back in the office again. Boo. But obviously not working as you can tell.

Today I took the bus to work, which should be the norm but hasn’t been of late because dear HC has been sending Jo and I to work for the past month. Which I must admit is pure bliss and so super convenient. I am also reaching the office super early (as in I am the one who switches on the lights) and leaving work early, hiak hiak.

When my bus stopped at Grey Hoodie’s boy stop, I looked out even though I knew I wouldn’t see him (way too early for him). There was no little bubble of anticipation and as expected, he really wasn’t there. As the bus moved on, I felt happy that I made so many new friends including GHB this year.

In comes the new out goes the old. So many friends have left or are leaving. In fact out of the boys, there’s only Gerry and Bryan left. We celebrated Bryan and Wui Hau’s birthdays last week. Wui Hau is returning to Kuching for good today. He has matured so much from when he first arrived in Perth, I’m sad to see him go but I know he will be happy back home.

It’s Jason’s birthday today! Happy birthday Jaso in Gero. I hope things are going well in Geraldton and you’ll be returning for a Perth weekend soon. But even if I don’t see you in Perth, I’ll see you in Kuching! It’s so amazing that you’re finally coming after we’ve been talking about if for so long, I can’t wait to bring you around and rediscover new and old foodie haunts in Kuching.

Ok, it’s back to harsh reality and work for me now. Have a good week everyone J

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