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Homecooking 101: Project October Last week

I wanted the last week of Project October to go out with a big bang, hoping to cook something that I had never tried cooking before, perhaps even attempting to use the oven for a change (0__0).

Monday we had unagi bento for lunch, I know everyone enjoyed this because who doesn’t love unagi on a bed of sticky vinegary sushi rice and sweet egg and onion omelette?

Tuesday Jo and HC cooked us pasta carbonara which was sinfully creamy and tasty.

Wednesday it was lamb chops on mash with homemade gravy for dinner.

Lunch bento was pineapple beef with kailan and steamed rice, a simple stir-fry.

This was my challenge for the week, Bouef Bourguignon which I cooked in a slow cooker overnight. Anyone who has watched the movie Julie and Julia will know why I wanted to cook this dish.  Chuck beef steeped in lots of beef stock and red wine with whole shallots, carrots, onions,mushrooms and lots of herbs, this was really flavourful only the beef wasn’t juicy enough for me, I think I prefer beef brisket as the cut of meat to braise for many hours.

Friday was another challenging task, my first pie which I baked in the oven. I need to get real pie bowls but I had to make do with a large shallow round foil tin.

My pie err… turned out more like chicken soup with a puff pastry lid. Jo and the rest really liked the soupy texture and found it really comforting. Still, I would like to make a real chunky pie with a more solid sauce texture, if you get what I mean. Something for the future.

With the left over puff pastry, I made some apple tarts which I drizzled with cinnamon sugar and honey. So easy and delicious too, I am planning to make more use of puff pastry in the future.

I’m happy to declare that Project October was a success! We were under budget, everyone enjoyed the cooking (though it was a bit stressful at times) and eating together. So… we held a meeting where I was declared President and Jo Vice President and decided that Project October lives on to become Project November!

I foresee lots and lots of homecooking ahead …

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