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Home sick

This morning when I looked in the mirror, death stared back at me.

Determined not to do the ‘lie in bed and pass out’ sick mode, I tried to tidy myself (key word is tried, it didn’t work obviously) and put on my little miss sunshine happy jacket to cheer myself up. Really, I was more like ‘Little Miss Self Pity’ or ‘Little Miss Cough Germ’.

Couldn’t go out without my trusty pack of kleenex and also a handful of lozenges.

The weather outside was fantastic, blue skies, sunny, warm perfect Spring weather. Only weather like this also brings out the flowers and all those little things that trigger hay fever. So I sneezed and sniffled my way to the supermarket.

Jo’s and my favourite chemist, a.k.a. Voted Perth’s Cheapest Chemist as I proudly proclaim to all my friends and colleagues. I don’t know whether it’s really Perth’s cheapest chemist, but I’m always strangely drawn to the little neon flyers that scream ‘SALE’ ‘CHEAP’ ‘DISCOUNTED’, I believe them.

Came out with a pack of hayfever tablets, they won’t soothe the racking coughs but might help with the running nose and watery eyes.

Browsed around the supermarket and came home with this : Greens pink cupcakes mix for the breast cancer foundation. I like pink and for some reason, cupcakes seemed like a good idea ( I blame the headache and body aches).

Got out my cheap hand mixer, dunked in the mix with butter, eggs and milk and started mixing away. I don’t think my mixing bowl was a real mixing bowl and I ended up with flour all around the table. I was also starting to resemble a mini snowman, a coughing mini snowman.

All mixed up. Then there was the sugary pink frosting and I got to play with my new set of icing tools. I am not a baker like my mum and sister, so pre mix is as far as I can go I think. Maybe someday I’ll try making a tiramisu, just because i like to eat it, haha.

Final outcome? To be revealed in the next Project October post!


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