The Grey Hoodie Boy Part 11 : Dinner at Festive Kitchen

The title is misleading because it’s not really a Grey Hoodie Boy post, more of a review of Yao Yat Jam a.k.a. Festive Kitchen restaurant. I  thought I had better blog about our dinner there before  he the dinner completely slips out of my mind.

This time it was my turn to bring him to dinner and I wanted to let him try Hongkong style Chinese. Festive Kitchen is the new kid on the block in terms of Hongkong style cafes, I was tossing between Festive Kitchen and Red Teapot but since I’d been to FK several times and really liked the food, Festive Kitchen it was.

We started off with an entree of Deep Fried Chilli Salt Squid, the Westerner must order at every Chinese kitchen. This one was crispy and tasty but a little bit too salty for my liking. GHB liked it I think.

Since it was only two of us, we couldn’t order many dishes. Our meat dish was my normal order at Hongkong style cafes, the Peking Sparerib with Mayo. Festive Kitchen does a really nice version of this dish, the pork is tender on the inside and yet has a crispy coating, not overly sweet, tangy and creamy mayo. Yums.

Our vege dish was the eggplant claypot. GHB mentioned that he really liked claypot dishes so we thought we would order at least one claypot dish. This is one of my favourites ways of eating claypot, spicy salty eggplant, minced pork, piping hot in a claypot, great  with rice.

GHB and I didn’t order this dish but I had this dish when we went to FK for Gerry’s graduation. It was highly recommended by Ming Sian and is one of their Chef’s Special, the japanese style beef fillet which was drizzled with a wasabi mayo sauce. Just a hint of wasabi, not overly thick mayo and tender beef fillet. Cold pickled vegetables to soothe the palate afterwards.Very nice. Festive Kitchen is fast becoming my favourite Hongkong style restaurant in town, the prices are on the high side (in comparison to other similar restaurants), but the food is really quite delicious.

GHB and I only ordered two mains and an entree but it was still too much for both of us and we had loads of leftovers which really bothered GHB because he was taught by him mum not to waste food , hehe. We walked over to Tea Fusion for bubble tea afterwards where he greeted friends at almost every corner. That boy is a social butterfly. I showed this picture to Gill (he is a lot cuter in real life) and she said ‘I know him!’ Perth is a small world.

Lots of laughter and chatting, it was a nice night with Grey Hoodie Boy. After this dinner, we saw each other frequently on the bus and he asked me out a few times but our schedules kept clashing. Come to think of it, I haven’t seen GHB for close to a week except for yesterday when he couldn’t catch the bus again *slaps forehead*

I’m not sure whether they will be any more Grey Hoodie Boy posts in the future, but I’m glad we had these couple of dinners and got to know each other a little better.

Daitaoha ratings:

Food : 7/10

Service: 6/10

Festive Kitchen
Shop 1/297 William St Northbridge
Perth, 6000
Tel: 9328 3899


8 Responses to “The Grey Hoodie Boy Part 11 : Dinner at Festive Kitchen”

  1. 1 slappedbygunk October 15, 2009 at 10:46 pm

    This place looks good, all the dishes look yum. Or maybe I’m hungry. Haha.

  2. 3 mum October 16, 2009 at 5:00 am

    If I watch a drama like Hoodie’s story, I would be complaining that the scriptwriter or director is not good. The ending is so ‘cao cao liao shi.’

  3. 5 M October 17, 2009 at 9:42 am

    very nice dishes! i havnt had chinese in ages!

    did you go to the curtin food fest thing last night?

  4. 7 Jaso October 18, 2009 at 11:54 am

    Ah Di! lol

    Just thought i might drop in a message to say hi!

    I went to eat at Festive Kitchen one time thinking they will still do the hk style meals they do at day time…

    The food was still good but proportions are too small for da price u pay.

    I reckon you should do a price rating as well in additon to the food and service.

    Hope works not killing ya!


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