$10 steaks @ Llama Bar

The other day I was telling T my buddy at work about going to Llama Bar for their Wednesday $10 steak night specials, another colleague overheard me talking and said ‘Diana, how do you know about all these specials???’

(=^___^=) So paiseh, I am getting famous in the office for all my foodie adventures and news, the colleagues were a very appreciative bunch and most impressed when I organised their C restaurant dinner. I have a feeling they are secretly campaigning for me to take up the ‘social club’ president post, yikes.

Jason was back from Sydney but could only join us for coffee afterwards. Sandra cancelled as well, so our party of 7 was more like a party of five.

I should mention that the steaks are $10 if you order a drink, but we’ve ordered cheap drinks like lemon lime bitters before and the cashiers were ok with that, still, it’s nice to have a glass of wine with your steak. Sides like chips are $8 and garden salads are $4. We enjoyed their simple garden salads drizzled with nice balsamic vinegar dressing.

The infamous $10 steaks which come with a choice of pepper, mushroom and bernaise sauce. I had mine with mushroom sauce which was very nice, I especially liked the mushrooms and the tasty deep fried sweet potato crisps.

This was the bernaise sauce, it was nice too but we all preferred the mushroom sauce. The boys really liked the bed of mash as well.  Some of us had bigger and smaller portions of steak (poor HC had a tiny one) and the ‘doneness’ of the steak wasn’t really consistent (most of us ordered it medium rare) but we all agreed that Llama steaks are definitely great value for money, plus the live music atmosphere is pretty great to boot.

The cute couple Jason and Wendy are on holidays in Malaysia (so envious but it will be my turn soon, hehe) but here’s another cute couple, Jo and HC.

We headed to Oriel’s for coffee and cake afterwards (Baileys cheesecake pictured above which the guys said was good). It’s such a pity that Oriel’s has changed management, it used to be a university student staple, but now the service is atrocious. I must keep reminding myself never to return. But that’s a blog for another day (when I feel like ranting), Llama Bar Wednesday steak nights are definitely a ‘must-go’ in town if you like good deals so visit if you haven’t been.

Daitaoha ratings:

Food : 6.5/10 daitaohas (mostly rating on it’s value for money)

Service: 6/10 daitaohas

Llama Bar
1/464 Hay St
Subiaco WA 6008
Tel: 9388 0222


4 Responses to “$10 steaks @ Llama Bar”

  1. 1 Jan October 12, 2009 at 10:06 pm

    That’s a pretty pic of Jo, even though she looks a bit sozzled hahaha.

  2. 2 jo October 14, 2009 at 5:57 am

    What is sozzled? I think i was really sleepy so i had my hand near my eye to open it. hehehe.

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