Homecooking 101 : Project October

Ahh the weekend has flown by again, so sad. Another long 5 days to the weekend again, sigh.

I’ve been cooking quite a bit lately. New recipe, egg noodles with minced prawn which was marinated with fish sauce and shaoxing wine before hand.

Teriyaki salmon with broccoli and carrots.

Bottom layer was mini sushis with rice.

Saturday breakfast pho at Tra Vinh with Bryan.

It was Wui Hao’s graduation on Saturday. Will put up photos in future, there are some very funny 70s style poses. It was Mooncake festival as well, we celebrated by eating Hainan chicken rice at Tak Chee, possibly the best chicken rice in Perth.

After dinner we cut up some mooncakes that Bryan brought. No one liked the green tea mooncake but I found it quite special.

Happy belated mooncake festival. I returned home too late to call home (-____-).

In an effort to save money and curb outside food eating, I have initiated Homecooking 101: Project October. We have set an amount of $100 per person for the entire month of October for our homecooking budget. We shall be taking turns cooking every night and packing our lunch bentos from Monday to Thursday.

I started cooking tonight so this is our lunch bento for tomorrow, rock sugar spareribs with braised carrots, stir fried spinach, egg tofu and rice.  Fingers crossed to saving lots of $$$ for my future Melbourne trip (*____*) hehe.


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