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Long time no bento

I have been neglecting my blog. (-_______-). But that’s because life is so exciting, fun and happy right now.So that’s a good thing right? (^____^)Y

I just had the most memorable long weekend, Perth Royal Show was especially nice this year because Rabbit, Mingsian, Jason, Wendy and co. were there as well and it was their first Perth Royal Show. Also, Jo won so many toys this year (or should I say HC won them for her, he is a very sharp shooter)! Even I received a Nemo from Richard, but it was a very cute Nemo (=^^=).

I haven’t put up pictures of my home cooking for a while. This is a Thai inspired basil chicken bento with half boiled eggs.

Mee goreng which Jo liked very much, she said it reminded her of the mee goreng back home, haha, happy. The limes were given to me by one of my managers who left them in my apple cup at work while I was away, so nice.

I hadn’t cooked this for soo long, I think it has been almost 3 years. This is a copy version of the infamous Alice Springs chicken with roasted herbed potatoes and carrots. The chicken is glazed with honey mustard mayo, topped with bacon, mushrooms, tasty cheese and baked in the oven. Bad for the hips but oh so sinfully good.

It’s been a season of change this year, and today is probably one of the biggest change of the year, good or bad, I’m not too sure but I’m prepared for the adventure, surprises and *fingers crossed* happiness ahead. Wish us luck ok? (^__^)

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