Camera weekend

It’s the long weekend !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But Friday is already over (T______T) but never mind, at least there’s still Saturday, Sunday and Monday ahead (^____^).

I thought I had better put up the photos from last weekend before embarking on this weekend. It was a fun one, on Friday, the guys met up for badminton.  Jason is very very good at badminton and was the star of the match.

Saturday morning was a yumcha session at Regal on Roe with the boys. Dimsum for Sunday brunch is always best.

The boys all look so stern and solemn.

After that Richard and I went to the city for camera shopping! It was so exciting, he finally bought the Nikon D90 DSLR which he has been coveting for ages. I brought him to Crumpler where he bought his new camera bag, very cute right, I think it looks like an owl.

Saturday was dinner at Al Sito’s with TGIF gang minus H. Jason was back from Geraldton, in fact, he’s back again this week and we’re meeting him for dimsum on Sunday (I think), it’s always nice when Jaso from Gero returns because it means lots of foodie adventures.

Jo and Hieng Chiong, try to ignore the bottles of wine in the middles, we didn’t drink that much this time.

Al Sito was really packed and I only managed to secure us a table outside, but with the heaters and candlelight, it was actually quite cosy.

After that we went over to Soto’s for coffee and cake where Gerry and Sandra joined us. Jason had fun playing around with the settings of my new camera. Do you like this photo he took of the cafe street?

Sunday afternoon we went to the Thai Perth Festival 2009. held at Russell Square in Northbridge.  It was my first experience at the Thai festival and it was really nice except it started to rain halfway.There were performances by the Ellington Jazz Club (not very Thai I know) which we listened to while hiding under the VIP tent.

I liked all the Thai food including these satay pork sticks which were tender and tasty, I think Bryan had about 3 of these.

Eggy strands of dessert, quite interesting and sweet.

My Som Tham salad which was made to order, it had bit of mini crab in it, very odd, I didn’t know how to eat it, but the salad itself was really spicy, sweet and sour, such an eye opener, I loved it.

Jason, Wendy and Richard engrossed with examining the D90. I don’t think they even noticed I was taking their picture.

Happy rabbit and his new camera.

This is a picture taken by his new camera of my new camera.  Seriously, after using a DSLR, all other cameras kinda pale in comparison. But I must say my new camera looks really pink and cheery here.

Ok, end of last weekend’s post, bring on the upcoming long weekend Y(^__________^)Y!


2 Responses to “Camera weekend”

  1. 1 Ci September 26, 2009 at 10:09 am

    I like the last picture, beautiful hand holding a nice camera.
    Calvin took this photo, very nice!

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