Gerry graduates

The long overdue Gerry graduation post is finally up!

I was quite surprised when Gerry handed me an envelope containing his graduation ceremony tickets. It’s been a while since I’ve attended a graduation ceremony and I must admit I didn’t enjoy this one because I was severely hungover from drinks the night before. Note to self : do not drink copious amounts of wine night before graduation ceremonies.

We bought flowers for Gerry, I think the colours were bright and cheerful, I love gerberras.

Happy looking Gerry. Earlier in the afternoon we went over to Gerry’s place to help him choose his suit and tie and also helped him with his graduation gown.

Gerry and his god family, we used to joke that his god brother was his son, it’s funny to see how he has grown over the years (Gerry, not the god brother, hehe).

The graduation hall was pretty packed but we had good seats with excellent views of the stage. Only I wasn’t really looking as my head was spinning and in dizzyland. I’m sorry Gerry, but I spent 90% of the graduation ceremony with my eyes closed.

After the ceremony we headed to the 2nd floor of the convention center  for refreshments but somehow never made it to the room.

Yeah! All hail the ECU graduate!

Bryan and Richard also attended the ceremony and were togged up in formal gear. I think men always look handsome in suits don’t you?

Hehe, lots of posing by the big red wall. By this time my hangover was clearing up and I was starting to have fun getting the boys to do silly poses.

Gerry and the ‘Andy Lau Tak Wah’ poses. My favourite photo is the one on the top right.

MingSian dropped by as well which was reason for more photos!

Waiting at the couch for Gerry who was returning his gown.

I really like this photo of the housemates, Rabbit and Mingsian. Mingsian looks especially happy here. Even though he’s actually a really cheerful and happy person, he somehow always looks quite fierce in photos, so this smile is very Mingsian.

I was fully recovered by then and starting to feel hungry after losing my appetite for most of the day. We headed to Festive Kitchen, one of the new Hongkong style cafes in Northbridge for dinner/supper. Bought the token graduation teddy for Gerry, hehe, I think he likes teddy a lot.

It was a really nice supper to end the night, good food, great friends, fantastic conversation and  most importantly, a wonderful occasion.

It’s taken Gerry a lot of hardship, sweat and tears  to get to this stage.  He is currently embarking on his Masters degree with gusto, I’m really proud to see the path he has taken, it is especially rewarding to watch him discover his new found confidence and happiness, very proud of you my friend. Please continue the good work and remember to never ever give up.  Congratulations, you’ve made it, you are now a 大学毕业生. I’m glad I was there to witness it.

4 Responses to “Gerry graduates”

  1. 1 mum September 23, 2009 at 4:54 am

    Hmm , Gerry looks more mature and better looking compared to the last time i saw him. Maybe it’s bec he’s smiling happily in the photos.

  2. 3 rita :) September 25, 2009 at 7:44 am

    congrats to gerry! i like daisies, too.

    hang-over? i never get those, but hubby does. all the time. he takes Vit B before going out. he said that it helps. either that, he takes a couple of spoons of honey when we get home. if that doesn’t help, bite the dog that bit you.

    • 4 daitaoha September 26, 2009 at 9:39 am

      well I’m aiming not to get hungover again for the next few years, once in 6 years is too much! But thanks for the tips (^__^)

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