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The weekend Jo and I were very very happy ….

As usual, the weekend started off innocently enough. It was dinner at RIA’s which is a very popular Malaysian restaurant in Leederville. Xinlong has been working at RIA  for the past few years and we’ve always had yummy samples from his takeaway dinner boxes. The lady chef is from Sarawak.

The food didn’t blow me away  but it was still pretty good Malaysian fare, and there’s something really comforting about chicken curry and rice.

It started raining when we finished dinner so we walked down the street to 130 cafe for cakes and coffee. The cakes weren’t very good and the coffee was a bit too strong for us. So strong that Richard and Bryan had trouble sleeping that night and even felt a bit ill.

It was a night of exchanging lame jokes, actually I think it was only me telling lame jokes, I will never live down my image as the Lame Joke queen. ‘Char siew bao and mantou went to watch a sad movie, char siew bao came out crying but mantou didn’t cry, why?’

Guess who’s back? Jaso from Gero dropped into Perth for the Father’s Day weekend and we met up with him for dimsum at Royal Seafood restaurant on Saturday. It was really nice seeing Jason again albeit for a short while, he’s coming back again in 3 weeks so hopefully we’ll get to hang out again soon.

Nightfall came and Jo and I started getting very very happy. For some reason on Friday night we decided that we would have a wine drinking session on Saturday. So even before the rest of the guys came over, Jo and I were already drinking our bottle of rose (those pink sweet drinks are deceiving and pack a punch!), snacking on roasted chestnuts and happily watching Die Hard 2 on tv. Before midnight, we were smashed.

See how Jo got happier and jollier as the night went on? To be fair, I was even more drunk than her, I have tons of photos that I took of everyone and anyone, and I don’t even remember when I took these photos! Sunday I suffered from  my first hangover in five/six years, it was truly horrible and transported me right back to my uni days.

Gerry and Richard who have become close over the weeks. It was the night before Gerry’s convocation which was another reason to open a bottle of wine *slaps forehead*

The guys were a lot more sober than us girls.In fact Xinlong sat in front of the computer  letting out little giggles and sniggering all night. I’m told that he has already told all the others about my drunken escapades, oh dear 😦

The caretakers of the night, Rabbit and HiengChiong who hardly drank at all! I remember being cocooned in double layers of quilt, I think it was to protect me from the otherwise really chilly night but also cushion me from my falls. I normally fall about a lot even when I’m sober so you can only imagine what I was like when I was drunk.

This picture pretty sums up the night. It was a night to remember.

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