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The Grey Hoodie Boy Part 8: Just when you thought it was the end

We meet on the bus frequently. He loves Fang Da Tong’s new Timeless album which I introduced to him. The other day on the bus while talking to me, he starting humming ‘you are the sunshine of my life’.

I was like (-_________-)” .

He played 4.5 hours of tennis last weekend and hurt his left shoulder. I told him about how I’ve been cooking non-stop for the past two weeks.

One day he wore glasses on the bus. I think boys who wear glasses are very cute. He also got a haircut, it’s short and spiky, I told him that it made him look neat and he laughed in embarrassment (= ^ ^ =).

He said it was a pity that he couldn’t go to C Restaurant for the lunch, I introduced him to Zekka and said we should go some day. He told me about his favourite cafe in Leederville and said he would bring me there some day and teach me to play pool.

We’re going out for dinner next Friday.

Bento Week 2 : Mission accomplished!

The bento bandit strikes again!

Bento Monday

Leftovers from Merdeka night, mostly basmati rice with chicken curry, sambal kangkong and sambal prawns.

Bento Tuesday

Sweet pork fillet, stir fried brocolli and carrots, japanese egg tofu and half boiled egg with rice. This was probably the most ‘homecooked’ and easiest bento to cook, it’s probably what I would enjoy the most too.

Bento Wednesday

Spaghetti bolognese. I used a mixture of pork and beef mince, Jamie Oliver style 🙂 But I bought the wrong spaghetti and ended up buying spaghettini which is a lot thinner and not as good with a meat sauce. Epic fail 😦

Bento Thursday

Pad Thai. One of the managers gave me a bag of limes from her backyard so I knew I had to cook a Thai dish. Pad Thai is probably one of the first dishes I learned how to cook when I started getting interested in cooking. I still like cooking it now and enjoy the crunchiness of chopped peanuts and the limey, sweet and sour flavours.

Bento Friday

Surely Friday bentos are the happiest bentos? This is comfort food for me, Japanese beef brisket curry, I like using beef brisket which I braised overnight to make sure it was tender. Only I cooked this dish in such a rush and didn’t taste it properly before boxing it, I hope it tastes alright tomorrow.

It was my mission to cook a different bento every weekday continuously for two weeks and I’m glad to say ‘mission accomplished!’ While I was happy that I didn’t run out of ideas (in fact I had trouble deciding on what to cook) I felt stressed out at times because I was cooking in a rush, wanting to run off to watch a movie, hang out with friends or go swimming. I just didn’t have time to cook a proper meal. All this rushing ended up with sub par bentos and lots of cut fingers 😦 So I guess I’m not ready to be a housewife yet, hehe.

I missed having takeout on lazy days (not that I eat much fast food nowadays). Btw, do you know McD is introducing the new Angus beef burgers?

I didn’t try this but it looked very good! What can I say, sometimes you need a burger.

Anyway, I’ve really enjoyed cooking and utilising my bento boxes this week. I also had ideas for desserts (which I didn’t take pictures of) which I tried to incorporate every now and then.  So that ends my two weeks of non-stop cooking in the kitchen, many thanks to my fellow foodies, Xinlong, Jo, HC, Bryan, Mingsian and especially Rabbit for sharing in my foodie adventure and bento journey, it was fun! I’ll do it again in a heartbeat.

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