Slow food weekend

I’ve probably mentioned this a gazillion times, but one of my favourite forms of cooking is slow cooking, food that takes hours 0f braising and simmering  for  flavorful, hearty comfort food.

This week I was hit by a desire to cook, this ‘cooking’ wind hits sometimes and I find myself itching to go the kitchen to try new recipes or cook old favourites. Teriyaki chicken stir fried udon is an old favourite but I wasn’t happy with this one becaues I thought my sauce was a bit too sweet.

My favourite cuts of meat to cook include beef brisket, spareribs and pork belly. All meats that require long hours of braising for that tender effect and full flavour. I like to braise my beef brisket with red braising stock (includes cinnamon stick, orange peel, ginger, anise and others) in the slow cooker overnight, this time instead of just carrots, I added turnips as well and it turned out to be my favourite part of the dish. I shall try to cook more turnips in future.

We tried out the highly awarded ‘Four Season’s chinese restaurant Friday night and it exceeded my low expectations. I was expecting Westernised chinese food but was pleasantly surprised. Adding this restaurant to my long list of ‘to be blogged’ restaurants. I need to stop eating out.

Late coffees and cake at Farrell’s which I used to like for their breakfasts but am now pretty put off by their lousy service.

I think Richard liked the cakes though, besides being the Ligament King, he also likes cakes and desserts.

I thought Saturday was going to spent wandering around Harbourtown alone but met up with Jason and Wendy at Mingsian’s workplace. Coffees and cakes were on the house , thanks Mingsian :). The cheesecake was much too sweet though so we didn’t finish it *paiseh*

The cute couple 🙂 I ended up chatting with them for a good hour and a half and didn’t spend any time shopping at all. Haha, so next time I need to save $$ I’m going to ask them out for a coffee instead.

We teased Mingsian about not personally making our coffees and he made me my preferred skinny flatwhite (=^^=) . I thought it tasted especially good and creamy. So good that I am learning to not add sugar in my coffees.

Then it was a night of cooking which I thoroughly enjoyed. My new favourite ingredient is green chillies, I also bought a bottle of pickled lotus rootlets over the weekend which I’m going to add in stirfries and salads. My fried kway teow had chinese sausage, mushroom, chicken and green chillies, I think I was thinking of claypot chicken rice and it turned out to be claypot chicken kway teow.

We had pork belly and yam at Four Seasons which I want to try to cook soon but settled with  Mei Chai Kou Rou (pork belly with pickled mustard greens) instead. In the past I cooked my mei chai kou rou the difficult way by frying, placing in ice water then steaming in a bowl, it comes out looking a lot more professional and pretty but this time I wanted to just bung everything in a pot so I braised it instead. My Mei Chai Kou Rou was more mei chai than kou rou but I’m pleased to say that the pork belly came out tender and soft.

I am longing to cook Sarawak laksa but discovered that my laksa paste expired in 2007! So sad, any friends from Kuching travelling to Perth soon?

Another weekend bites the dust, when the weather clears up, I must take photos of my new workplace. C restaurant lunch coming up soon, so don’t forget ok guys,  be there or be square 🙂


4 Responses to “Slow food weekend”

  1. 1 R August 17, 2009 at 11:21 am

    When are you going to teach me cooking these dishes?

  2. 3 M August 17, 2009 at 2:06 pm

    mmmmmm! i love slow cooking, especially with meats like beef cheek and pork, its the best way to get that tender melt in your mouth meat thats full of flavour and gravy to boot 😀 YUM! you’ve totally got me hungry now haha

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