TGFFF weekend

I can’t believe it’s already Friday tomorrow (*Friday dance* to Fangdatong’s new album which I love love love) and I have yet to blog about last weekend 😦 . It was a TGFFF weekend again (that’s Thank God for Fellow Foodies), Jason’s sister was in town which was another excuse to eat out A LOT. Seriously that was all we did during the weekend, eat and eat and eat. I will blog about the restaurants in separate entries but now it’s just about the nice people I hung out with 🙂

Thursday night was our Tax Return dinner. A while ago we were chatting to Richard about Ciao Italia when he mentioned that he had never been before. ‘How can?! Must go!’ I declared. We were all broke though so we agreed to go after we received our tax return payments, haha, so sad right?

The cute couple! Ciao Italia is perhaps my favourite Italian restaurant in Perth. I have to admit, when I first tasted their risotto marinara, I had a flowers and stars shooting out of head moment. Now after many visits, the feelings have faded but I’m still always impressed by their pastas, very yummy.

Jason and his very nice sister, Li Nian, it’s a pity she’s not located in Perth because she would be a really nice gf  to have*for me and for Richard, hiak hiak*

Richard and Li Nian, also potential cute couple right?

I don’t know what they’re doing here, comparing phones or something but Wendy looked very happy so I snapped a pic.

Xinlong was even more happy when the desserts came, we ordered 3 tiramisu, a strawberry tart AND an icecream to share. To be fair, Xinlong did most of the ordering and he is the ultimate sweet tooh. Luckily Richard’s a dentist and will be able to fix his teeth for him (btw Richard, still waiting for your whitening gel prescription).

After that we headed to Giardini Cafe in Leederville for coffee. They gave us free garlic bread with our coffees but we were too stuffed after Ciao’s.

Friday night I was so happy because the horrendous work week was over. Happy = good food. The night before I asked Li Nian what she wanted to try in Perth and she mentioned that she likes Korean food. I don’t usually eat much Korean food in Perth so I searched my entertainment book and came up with Niniku Jip which is a fusion of Korean/Japanese food and conveniently located near my house.

The food didn’t feel like authentic Korean and their menu was quite limited, nevertheless, we still quite liked the food. See Richard scooping soup for Li Nian? *love in the air*

Group pic after dinner.

Ming Sian was supposed to join us for dinner but was stuck in the traffic jam so couldn’t make it. We decided to go and meet up with him after dinner and heade to his house for drinks (he’s housemates with Richard). Gerry also came to join us later in the night and it was a fun night with lots of interesting topics, hard questioning and teasing involved.

Saturday night was dinner at Lido’s which was surprisingly really good. Jan you remember how we went to Lido for Vietnamese and had individual dishes? Their cooked dishes are even better! We walked across the road to our new watering hole 399. Xinlong joined us after work which was cause for another bottle of wine. I like 399 because it’s intimate, not too noisy and cosy. And the midnight closing time curbs irresponsible drinking and violence.

But not if you head to your friend’s house and end up chatting over glasses of wine till 4 -5am in the morning. Li Nian’s flight back was around 6am so for some reason we had the bright idea of hanging out with her till it was time to go to the airport! Quite sad to farewell Li Nian, throughout the weekend it was really fun hanging out with her, she’s really lovely,  so Li Nian please come and visit us *and Richard* again in Perth soon!

The late night meant a long Sunday morning sleep in. But we still found the energy to have steamboat at night. What did I tell you about eating A LOT. Now when I think about it, I am amazed at the amount we ate.

It was a different steamboat party in the sense that Richard and Mingsian were the best helpers. Dishes were washed immediately, all the ingredients were prepared in advance, food was cooked and doled out, they were so efficient and organised.But do you feel a dark cloud hanging behind Richard in this photo? It’s coz Li Nian wasn’t around (-___-). So cham.

Richard even found time to whip up lunch for the rest of the guys with the leftover beehoon. The fried beehoon was simple and tasty and I couldn’t help thinking curry chicken would go well with it.

And so that’s the end of my TGFFF weekend post. The best part is, it continues again tomorrow! Yeah (^____^) TGFFF Friday dance!!


5 Responses to “TGFFF weekend”

  1. 1 j August 14, 2009 at 12:39 am

    i was transferring xinglong’s missin toe nail pics to his mobile n wendy was very happy looking at those ‘ugly’ pics.

  2. 3 Yo August 14, 2009 at 4:11 pm

    Do you find it too many asterisks in the post…? too obvious…
    but Ciao Italia is really good !!!

  3. 5 wendy August 15, 2009 at 9:49 am

    we had such wonderful moments 😛

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