Best burgers in Perth? @ Alfred’s Kitchen

Enough Grey Hoodie boy for now, I’m back with my foodie posts! When someone uses the word ‘best’ to describe a certain kind of food, I usually(a) don’t believe it and (b) want to try the said place immediately.

I did a bit of research around ‘best burgers in Perth’ and came up with a few names, Flipside, Jus Burgers, FAB burgers and mostly mentioned, Alfred’s Kitchen. I’ve tried Jus Burgers before and while the burgers are alright, there was no wow factor for me.  Recently Masterchef judge Matt Preston visited Alfred’s Kitchen during his trip to Swan Valley and had this to say about the burgers ‘… what I will tell you is that Alfred’s did not disappoint’. Sold. I rounded up friends and family one Sunday night and drove up to Guildford.


I was expecting a semi long road trip similar to driving to Mundaring for Little Caesar’s pizza but the trip to Guildford was surprisingly short. Even though it was quite early (around 7) when we reached Alfred’s, there was already a healthy crowd and queue for burgers.

Looking around for an entry to the ‘cafe’ I walked around the building and peeked into windows and doors. No sign of seating anywhere. A nice Aussie man walked up and said ‘can I help you? you look kinda lost’ ‘Err yes… where are the tables?’ He laughed and told me that this is Aussie style burgers, just order a burger from the kitchen, wait for your burger, grab it and eat it standing around or go home and have it with a beer. ‘Better than Hungry Jacks or Mcdonald’s anyday’ he grinned. ‘Oh… ok…’

log fire

So that’s how you do it at Alfred’s, order a burger from the kitchen, wait for your number to be called out, eat it while standing around, or if you’re lucky, snag a coveted seat around the open fire and munch away.

It was a cold night so one of the first things the guys did was order the renowned pea and ham soup ($3.50 small $5.00 large). Now the only other pea and ham soup I’ve ever tried are from those Continental cup-a-soup packs (not very good) so I can’t really judge whether it was good or not. The soup was warm and thick, much better than my pack soups but since I’m not a fan of peas, not really my thing.

The guys holding their order slips. I don’t know what Calv is pointing at.

Chips were $3.50 a serve, they were hot and crispy but nothing extraordinary. I wanted to try the popular sweet lamb curry but they were sold out (-____-).

Jo and HiengChiong waiting for their burgers.Ok, here’s when I confess that I failed completely as a food blogger, I went through my photos and I couldn’t tell which burger was which! All of them looked pretty similar and (actually tasted pretty similar as well). So the following burger names are probably inaccurate (-___-)”

This is Jo’s Steak Special ($10.50) which was a steak sandwich with bacon, egg, steak fillet,cheese, lettuce and tomato. Pretty much had everything that is supposed to be in a steak sandwich. She says it was yummy but messy to eat and huge.

Hehe, Jo eating her steak sandwich and wondering how she’s going to finish it. In the end she didn’t finish it and gave half to Hieng Chiong, this is the reason why couples get fat in relationships, having to finish each other’s leftovers 🙂

Hieng Chiong’s Hawaiian Special ($7.10), I’m not sure what was in it but I suspect pineapple was hiding around somewhere. He liked his burger as well.

The CRAM burger ($12.00) which was just a  burger of mammoth proportions which  just had about everything crammed inside, steak, bacon, hamburger, egg, cheese, lettuce, tomato, anything and everything. The guys who ordered this gigantic thing were struggling to finish it even though I think Calv would have had no problem since he also polished off half my burger.

This is my Hamburger Egg Cheese Bacon ($9.10), everyone seemed to be going to the steak specials or the Alfred Special, so I wanted to have a proper hamburger with the works. The burger was tasty but it didn’t blow me away. I mean, the beef pattie was tender, moist and nicely seasoned, everything else worked well and it was a good and substantial burger. Defintely better than Mcdonalds. But it was at the end, just a tasty, very big burger. And I think that’s what Alfred’s Kitchen burgers are like, fresh ingredients, generous portions, great to eat with a beer or two, but still just a burger. There was no flowers shooting out of head situation for me.

I understand why Alfred’s Kitchen is so popular, it serves unpretentious (no blue cheese, or wasabi mayo in their burgers) wholesome burgers with the usual condiments of bacon,lettuce, tomato and cheese. There are no surprises or twists, but maybe because of that, I was disappointed, I was looking for a ‘flower and star’s situation, something that would blow me away but I can’t say their burgers blew me away. But after a late night session with friends, would I go for a 20 minutes car ride, huddle around a roaring log fire and work away at a giant cheeseburger from Alfred’s Kitchen? I dare say, I might.

Daitaoha ratings:

Food: 6.5/10


Service: 6/10

6 service

Alfred’s Kitchen
Cnr Meadow and James St
WA 6055
Sun – Thurs 5pm to 1am
Fri – Sat 5pm to 3am


9 Responses to “Best burgers in Perth? @ Alfred’s Kitchen”

  1. 1 slappedbygunk August 9, 2009 at 9:44 pm

    Hmm this place sounds very rustic! I like it.

    What dotty dress/skirt is that Jo is wearing? I like the look of it.

  2. 3 Jo August 10, 2009 at 2:53 am

    tat is a dotty top i took from di. i have it in red and black. hehehe. i like dots too.

  3. 4 mum August 10, 2009 at 3:03 am

    Please let us have more hoodie boy episodes. we are only up to episode no V1.dramas always have at least 20 episodes.

  4. 6 Human August 11, 2009 at 11:33 am

    I am sure Bryan will agree with this ‘Better than Hungry Jacks or Mcdonald’s anyday’ …
    Probably not Hungry Jacks but definitely Mcdonald

  5. 8 M August 15, 2009 at 12:50 am

    yay alfreds! i love that fire place at the front totally the best place to sit around! but you are right, the take forever to make burgers because theyre so busy! the burgers are prett average, but i think its the novelty of the place and the no frills burgers that attract people. And that CRAM burger… it is huge! well done!

    • 9 daitaoha August 15, 2009 at 3:38 am

      it wasn’t that long of a wait for us, probably because we already had the pea soup to fill us up before hand 🙂

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