The dreaded flu season

Sunday night is always the night of reflection of the week to come. And boy do I have a horrendous work week ahead.

Two of our teammates are on leave, the rest are mostly sick and my manager is flying off next week. I have to attend two full days of training even though I have deadlines looming and papers to prepare by mid week. I am juggling three roles, two of which have nothing to do with my original job position. Oh yes, and our branch move is scheduled for this Friday. On the bright side, I am getting a pay rise for my acting duties and the new digs are gorgeous.

The worst news came in this morning. One of my favourite colleagues called to say that her dad (who has been in hospital for the past two days hence she hasn’t been in the office) is getting better but has contracted swine flu. Her kids who have been sick for the past few months might or might not have the dreaded flu as well and although she’s feeling fine, they’ll have to get vetted by a GP first thing Monday.

So swine flu is not just something I read about in the news anymore. It’s a lot closer to home than I think and it’s scary. Although I have been surrounded by sick family, friends and colleagues (some who have just returned from Melbourne too) and have been battling slight symptoms of flu for the past month, I am glad to report that I am in the pink of health and feel fine. And I hope to stay that way.

It’s not even about getting the dreaded flu and the possibility of serious illness or even death, but just the idea of infecting my family and friends that really really scares me. It just reminds me that I should cherish my family and friends even more. So I called home today and told my Ah Ma and Ah Pa that they should come visit us in Perth when the winter/flu season is over. And I know I will return to Kuching once I have holidays.

So don’t wait till it’s too late to let your loved ones know that you really love and care about them. Really, it shouldn’t be that hard to make a call, send a text, a parcel or an email. If they’re within close proximity, you shouldn’t think twice about asking them out for coffee or cooking them a nice meal. If for some reason, you find that you’re too busy in life to shower your friends and family with the love and support they so deserve, then perhaps you should start questioning your priorities in life and what’s really important to you.

My emo thoughts and two cents for Sunday. If I survive this week, I will be very very happy. But I already feel comforted and lucky with the fact that I have the best family and good friends.


6 Responses to “The dreaded flu season”

  1. 1 slappedbygunk August 2, 2009 at 8:08 pm

    Aiyoh Di, you and I both have a horrible week ahead by the sounds of it! I have three interviews this week, tomorrow’s involves a presentation even! I’m feeling so nervous my gut hurts =( Sigh.

    Hopefully this next week goes a lot smoother and easier than you thought, hope it whizzes by!

    Btw, re swine flu, tell that Jo to stop going out so much since she got that rash thing her immune system is low and it’ll be terrible if she got swine flu on top of it, touch wood nobody in our family gets swine flu. But anyway, keep reminding her okay.

  2. 3 mum August 3, 2009 at 3:17 am

    Thank you for the phone call telling us exciting news. Really made us look forward to our week ahead. Haha.

  3. 5 Jaso August 3, 2009 at 9:20 am

    Hey Di!

    Can’t believe you posted so many things up already! I wouldn’t mind going to the food and wine show- must be after watching top chef and master chef!! The food that you and your fds bought actually look really good. Thought there were gonna give u plastic crappy plates (luckily they didn’t). Did i tell u i used to work at the convention centre?

    Glad that Mr Hoodie caught up with u!! If he ask u out, say yes!!


    • 6 di August 3, 2009 at 11:01 am

      no i don’t remember you telling me that you work at the convention center. as what? waiter?

      Haha, I find it funny that you call him Mr Hoodie, he won’t ask me out lah, aren’t you worried that he’s a murderer/rapist/serial killer?

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