TGFFF: Perth Good Food & Wine Show + they’re engaged!!

I wanted to blog about the Good Food and Wine Show tomorrow but it’s 1am and I’m still not asleep, so here goes. Even though it was a Friday night, it wasn’t a TGIF (won’t have one till Jaso comes back  boo 😦 ) but it was a TGFFF – Thank God For Fellow Foodies night! It felt as if all Perth foodies were at the Good Food and Wine Show because the line to get into the convention center was waaaay long.

We were almost not going to go but a check of my entertainment book newsletter revealed that it was a buy one get one free special for card holders so to the Good Food and Wine Show we went. With the rest of Perth.

We were in the queue when Bryan suddenly said ‘Isn’t that Jason and Wendy?’ The cute couple were there too! Jason says that he was just mentioning to Wendy ‘should have asked Diana to go, she would be interested’ and Wendy said ‘Too late already lah’ when they saw us. I am a bit shy that friends immediately think of me when they think of ‘food and wine’, lately I’ve noticed that my colleagues have started asking me for dinner venue recommendations (=-_____-=), I think my forehead spells ‘GREEDY FOODIE’.

I think one of the reasons why the show was so popular is because the Masterchef phenomenon has just ended and the show was featuring most of the judges/celebrity chefs. Of course I only watched the finale and had no idea who was who. But I do know Tobie Puttock from Jamie Oliver’s shows and it was his show that we watched. There were no tickets left for the Masterchef judge Gary’s show, see how huge Masterchef is in Australia.

Alistair Mcleod warmed up the crowd and introduced Tobie. I didn’t understand most of his Irish accent but I like Alistair because I used to watch Ready Steady Cook where he’s a regular.

Tobie Puttock demonstrated three dishes including a spinach and ricotta rolled pasta dish, rock salt dough wrapped beef and actually I can’t remember his third dish, I think it was a dessert. He was alright but the crowd didn’t seem to like him much and he didn’t like the crowd much. Haha, I wasn’t very impressed.

All the cooking made us hungry and we headed out into the main arena hunting for free nibbles and wine tasting. There were veggie chips, olives, sausages, cheese, wine, wine and wine. We all like Brown Brothers because they have sweet and very drinkable whites. I pretty much stuck with rose the whole night and walked towards pink liquid like bees to honey.

I ate a very interesting cheese which had a slight hint of durian, how is that possible I don’t know, it was some chives and coconut crumbly cheese, but had a strong durian-y aftertaste. My favourite was this Tasmanian cheese stall, Brio and Richard both bought the show bag from this stall which was $15 for three different cheeses, very cheap.

The cute couple and their wine glasses, we bought wine glasses for $2 and went around to all the stalls to try their wines.

But enough about wine, we were ready to eat! All the Australian celebrity chefs, Tobie, Alastair, Gary Mehigan and Matt Moran had their own stall which sold an entree, main and dessert and we had to buy ‘dining currency’ vouchers to pay for the dishes. Mains were $24, entree $16 and desserts $8.

I think after all the wine and cheese, we were all craving something sweet and ended up ordering all the desserts! The only one who had a main was Ligament King a.k.a. Richard the Dentist. None of the desserts ended up looking like anything in the pictures, haha, so don’t believe recipe book glossy pictures in the future, they don’t look the same in real life.

We thought Gary’s Clotted Cream Mousse with Ginger Nut Crumble was a 6 daitaoha rating, it was quite nice but a bit rich for me even though there was quite a bit of lemon and lime in there to curb some of the richness.

Matt Moran’s Raspberry Tart with Champagne Sabyon was very pretty but rated a 6 as well. I’ve never had sabyon before so I was expecting some custardy egg tart-ish texture, but the sabyon was a bit difficult to eat because it was so runny and the pastry dough while sweet and tasty was a little hard.

Alastair Mcleod’s Chocolate Creme Brulee, Irish Whiskey Roasted Strawberries and Almond Biscotti was one of our favourites, we gave it a 7 rating (btw guys, if I’m wrong with the ratings please correct for me coz I’m forgetful!) The Creme Brulee was sweet but not too sweet with a hint of bitterness from the dark chocolate. Went really well with the caramelised strawberries with whiskey and strawberry coulis.

My favourite dessert was Tobie’s Caramelised Brioche with Forest Berries which looked nothing like the picture. The rest of the guys liked it too and gave it a 7 rating. I’m partial towards french toast and this caramelised brioche was very similar in terms of preparation and ingredients. Spiced with cinnamon, nugmeg and cardamon, dusted with icing sugar and served with my favourite mascarpone and a handful of berries, it was very very nice and something I would love to recreate at home.

I must admit I wasn’t expecting anything amazing from the mains thinking that all the mains offered were mostly braised dishes which hinted that nothing was cooked on the spot and probably pre frozen. But Ligament King couldn’t resist the ligaments of Tobie’s Veal Osso Bucco and it blew us away. I’ve had a look at the recipe (the recipes are all on the website plus we were given a little booklet of recipes) and the ingredients are nothing extraordinary, very simple everyday stuff like thyme, flour, celery, carrots and tomatoes so this is probably recreateable at home. And it tasted homemade, as in gorgeous homemade cooking, hours of braising, oh-so-tender veal, hearty flavourful gravy served with creamy polenta.I think this is comfort food.

I tell you, flowers were coming out of Richard’s head.

We were given free glasses of wine with our food, with the wine and all that sugar, we were a happy bunch. Time flies when you’re drinking tipsy having fun, and it was close to the closing time of 9.30pm by the time we were done. We continued with our wine tasting and discovered some really great wines, even as I’m typing, I know Richard is researching Brown Brothers online.

The wine stalls were extra generous with their wines when it was time to close they just poured the last drops of their wines into our glasses saying ‘there, have all of it since we’re closing’, which explains our smiles at the end of the show 🙂

Wine makes you hungry and we headed to Northbridge for a late Chinese dinner. On the way out of the convention center, Wendy whispered to me conspiratorally and showed me this:

the cute couple are engaged!!!! I’m really happy for them, actually we all were even though the guys were less expressive while I was checking out her lovely Tiffany ring and asking about the proposal details.

It’s a bit scary to think that I’m reaching the age where my friends are starting to get engaged, get married and I am still well, alone. But looking at Jason’s happy and proud face while he was giving a speech, Wendy’s shy but glowing face, I couldn’t help feeling nothing but thrilled for them. So congrats cute couple, very very happy for you two 🙂 I’m sure there will be nothing but happiness, adventure and lots of love ahead.


7 Responses to “TGFFF: Perth Good Food & Wine Show + they’re engaged!!”

  1. 1 slappedbygunk August 1, 2009 at 9:57 pm

    I never go to food shows because I know I won’t be able to deal with the queues. That food show you went to sounds really good though, with all that wine and cheese hehehe. The desserts looked nice, too bad they weren’t that great.

  2. 3 wendy August 3, 2009 at 10:32 am

    we satisfied with the food and wine that night.
    we are happy and you will find your destiny prince as well.
    we enjoyed every moment with you guys…:)it’s good to be perth

    • 4 di August 3, 2009 at 11:04 am

      hmm I think a bit hard to find prince destiny. but i enjoyed the show with you guys as well, luckily we were all there by coincidence!

  3. 5 rita :) August 4, 2009 at 2:13 pm

    that food show looks so awesome! congrats to the newly engaged couple. di, don’t worry. mr. right is just around the corner. don’t feel so down.

  4. 6 sakuratrees August 5, 2009 at 1:38 pm

    I agree with Rita! Grey Hoodie might be Mr Right and you have already bumped into him at the corner! Hahaha! No…actually you fell and he picked you up. Hiak hiak hiak.

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